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Passo Tonale | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 21 January, 2011

The alpine skiing season in full swing in the Adamello Ski, home to some of the most impressive off-piste of the Alps as the Shipyard, Vescasa, Devil's Pass, the Pisgana. Just to facilitate access to this ultimate off-piste, the Pisgana, is repeated again this year ski pass ski mountaineers: € shore 15,50 and allows the gondola lift and Pontedilegno Tonale-Heaven, Paradise on the chairlift Presena, still present on the right / left and lift Presena Valsozzine-Horn of AOLA. This makes it possible to tackle this beautiful off-piste skiing is starting Pontedilegno both Tonale.  

The appointment for all ski mountaineers this year is called Adamello Ski Raid and is scheduled Sunday 3 April. race, the third edition, always belongs to the Cup of the Dolomites, but also to the newly formed "The Big Course", the European network of long distance events which are part of some of the best races of the world such as the Pierre Menta ski mountaineering, Trophy Mezzalama,Patrouille des Glaciers e il Tour Rutor. This is a important recognition who pays for the organizational commitment to this great race, leading athletes in a few hours to touch the sacred places of ski mountaineering: Mandrone, High Lobbia, Cresta Cross, Pian snow, Adamello, step Veneroccolo. Registration is open on the site

Adamello Ski Raid and will close the achievement of 250 Teams.

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