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Written by Michela | 16 May, 2012

«Why are you afraid?» (MC 4,40) The hope from the Scriptures

200 institutions, 140 appointments, 120 protagonists,
14 exhibitions in different cities.
40 thousand visitors expected to discuss the events
on fear and hope in Scripture


Ben 14 City, 10 days of events, 140 appointments, 10 exhibitions, 200 actually involved, 120 Guests of players such as 20 dall’estero, 40 thousand visitors expected to organizational events, and a machine made entirely of volunteers. This is the picture of the eighth edition of the Festival Biblical quantitative, held in Vicenza, Verona and other 12 Venetian centers from 18 the 27 May.
The very real issue that the promoters – the Diocese of Vicenza and the Society of St. Paul (sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the City of Vicenza, Region of Veneto and of the Pontifical Council for Culture and the Cultural Project of the Italian Bishops' Conference) – have chosen for this year by drawing on a question of Christ in the Gospel of Mark: "Why are you afraid?» The hope from the Scriptures, identifying an excess of fear, or of many of today fears, in the hope drawn from the Scriptures.

meetings, reflections, Comparisons, lectio masterful moments are accompanied by very light: exhibitions and workshops for children, initiatives for families, tastings, shows, lots of music, in a Festival that can offer something of interest to anyone, believer or unbeliever. Both those who, equipped with strong preparation, wants to deepen religious themes, cultural, sociological, This event is for those who choose to confront, at large, with others on how to better interpret the present and the sense of existence, both those approaching the knowledge of the Bible with the soul of a child. A festival for those who did so learnedly dissected, As for who first seeks the pleasure of being a slightly Together; all around that powerful fulcrum which is the Bible.

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