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bimbinfiera 2011: BOOMERANG CARTOON animate this weekend and the entertainment area | Traveling Easy
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bimbinfiera 2011: BOOMERANG CARTOON animate this weekend and the entertainment area | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 30 September, 2011 14:41

Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October, CARTOONITO (the new digital channel free for preschoolers) and BOOMERANG (the satellite channel dedicated to the great classics of animation) will entertain the children with their characters in 'entertainment area of bimbinfiera, event where major industry players have every year all the news about the world of pregnancy and early childhood.The event will be held at Exhibition Park Novegro Milan, from 10.00 all 19.00. 

bimbinfiera, now in its tenth edition, is a unique event for both mother who is already is for those about to become: offers tips and answers to many questions that arise during pregnancy and growth of infants. In the stands, parents can attend the presentation of all the latest news on products and services dedicated, testing them in person.

CARTOONITO, the newest home-Turner joint venture with Mediaset, for the first time will have an area dedicated exclusively to children, where the cartoons will be screened top of the channel, including: Baby Looney Tunes, Nouky & his friends and The Adventures of Chuck & Friends. Children can enjoy their favorite cartoons while comfortably seated on cushions in the shape of Cartoonitos, mascot characters of the channel. For the more creative, l’area You Color will help develop the imagination of pens and pencils, just the coloring Cartoonitos. For children who can not stand still but, l’irresistibile Swimming full of colorful balls. L’area Learn to count give you the chance to begin to familiarize yourself with the numbers, playing. Finally, there will be great Puzzle (literally) to measure child, to dial lying on the ground.

Do not miss the business signed BOOMERANG. A dedicated screen followed more programs transmitted in the channel, including what's new this fall as Scooby Doo Mystery Inc., Bananas in Pyjamas and Zigby the zebra. 

Across the area, Will These leaders and educators that will accompany and monitor the performance of various activities. for all participants, many small gadgets to take home as a souvenir of the day. 

BOOMERANG (channel 609) children is in the package SKY Italy, thus reaching the homes of all 4.6 million subscribers. Boomerang 1 (channel 610) transmit the same programming "channel mother" delayed by one hour. Intended for cartoon fans of all ages and a shared parent-child, The channel broadcasts not only the great classics of animation, come Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry and Looney Tunes, but also new series in computer graphics especially designed for younger children, including The Forest of Dreams and Pebble. Among the first titles in the new TV classics, La Pantera Rosa & What. and Garfield. On-line with links to blogs DimmiMamma. 

CARTOONITO (channel 46) born August 2011 by the joint venture between Mediaset and Turner. Free is the new thematic channel aimed at children from 3 to 6 years with 24 hours of daily programming dedicated. Cartoonist offers a palimpsest "safe" with cartoons as a quality Olly the submarine, Lunar Jim, Thomas the Tank Engine and many other internationally acclaimed television series such as Baby Looney Tunes, The forest of dreams from the creators of Teletubbies and Pebble, born of a best-selling series of books for children. To take by the hand and guide young viewers through the programming of the channel, i Cartoonitos, six charming characters who will introduce from time to time the series aired.