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Environmental Considerations: MSC Divine honors from | Traveling Easy
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Environmental Considerations: MSC Divine honors from | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 31 January, 2011 1:34

It 'is now used at home MSC Cruises receive awards for environmental. It 's the time of MSC Divine, next flagship of the class ‘Fantasia’, currently under construction at the shipyard STX Europe Saint-Nazaire in France, whose launch is planned for spring 2012.

The recognition of our efforts in saving the planet comes from the website "”, a portal created ad hoc to enable consumers to know the energy efficiency of ships and then in a conscious way.  

To reach the new flagship of the highest standards in environmental, Indeed, the company is investing in particular new more efficient chillers and evaporators, Its a new generation of engines and an extra bow thruster.

Founded by a group of entrepreneurs, among them the name of Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin Group, uses a simple rating system that assign a rating within a scale from 'A' to 'G' on the basis of precise rules approved by 'International Maritime Organisation and developed by the section of the United Nations responsible for energy efficiency.

So, In cruise looking for a relaxing holiday and at the same time sensitive to important issues such as environmental impact will MSC Divine classified under the letter 'A', thus confirming the continued commitment by MSC Cruises to make environmentally friendly choices. MSC Fantasia and MSC Splendida also got the highest marks in the past.

The portal database contains the information about custom 60.000 ships, told separately using specific information such as year of construction, the gross tonnage, the size of the engine and, precisely, l’efficienza energetica.

Who is planning, then, take a cruise vacation and think about the future of our planet, can browse the website before making their choices.  

In the field of energy efficiency and clean MSC Cruises is a leading with credentials that have allowed so far to reach a wide array of awards and certifications, both respect for the environment, in terms of creative design, comfort, quality culinary and hospitality.