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Written by Michela | 12 March, 2012

There are five proposals A.c.t! - Cultural Association & Tourist come to discover the Mountains of Daunia. There are five routes that aim to raise awareness of the villages and their artistic riches, their beautiful natural scenery and cultural traditions, their ancient devotional practices and the extraordinary wealth of flavors.

A first tour in the Mountains of Daunia, which will continue in the summer with other routes to the discovery of all the thirty towns of the territory. The proposals have been prepared in collaboration with the 'Camper Association Trojani, but of course are open to all those who wish to discover the charm of this land. The program is rich in events and initiatives. It starts on 16 March with the route “Tra Borghi, donuts and burning of S. Joseph(16-19 March), a route that crosses Troy, Lucera and Bovino and their amazing Cathedrals and will taste the sweets of S. Joseph and the famous Black of Troy. The itinerary, for who can resist, until Monday 19 March with the famous bonfire of S. Joseph and the spaghetti “garlic, oil and chilli” in square. The second route starts instead 30 March and is dedicated to the theme: “Palm Sunday: representations of living and Easter cakes(30 March - 1 April) .

Know the towns of Troy and Ascoli Satriano, their extraordinary artistic heritage – museum and the sweets of Easter. Participate, In addition, the famous living representation of the passion and death of Christ, a picturesque event involving hundreds of actors. The heart of “Routes Spring” will be on the path to religious historical: “The Rites of Holy Week in Troja and the Mountains of Daunia(5-9 April). The route will cross the city of Troy, Orsara, Bovine, Sant'Agata di Puglia and Faeto to discover the ancient rites of Holy Week in the Mountains of Daunia, as “The Kiss” and the famous “Chains” to Troja, and folk traditions and culinary Easter. The fourth route focuses on Plein-Air: will be the first “Gathering Mountains National DaunIn” (20 -25 April) dedicated to campers. Participants at the rally will know the towns of Troy, Lucera, Cattle and Pietramontecorvino and enjoy the Feast of the Lamb in Celle S. Vito, smallest town in Puglia. Last route is the “bridge 1 May: of cheeses and cold cuts Mountains of Daunia, Black of Troy, and Bonfire of S. Joseph the Worker(27 April- 1 May).

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