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Nature | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 8 June, 2012

- OGNI WEEK END: Guided tours of the mines Lizzola (Valbondione).

the mine the Wolves located in "Plain" Lizzola, are needed to reach 30-40 minute walk. Usually you can park your car in front of the Hotel Lizzola 2000.

The guided tour allows the mine to find out how mining has changed over the centuries and how the area has changed. The visits are only possible during the summer, for obvious problems of access Duranti the winter months due to snow. The journey takes about 1 hour and a half and will have traveled a distance equal to 3 km in the bowels of the earth. The beauty of this mine lies in the authenticity of the place: fact has been made safe without invasive, This allows you to learn about the extreme conditions in which the miners worked. The mine is rich in minerals, stalattitti and stalagmites, The iron ore extracted was smelted in blast furnaces and Bondione Gavazzo , then be used in a large part in Gromo realizing sidearms.

One Price € 7,00 per person with gadgets (both children and adults). including: Input, boots, bob, Any wax (waterproof). MUST WEAR HEAVY. Maximum No. 20 participants, 2 hours for group, Saturday or Sunday throughout the month of June. For info and reservations Omar Semperboni 346/3879064

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