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Written by Michela | 4 June, 2012

Diocese of Brescia to relive the Copper Age (3400 – 2200 aC). Millennium was a key to humanity: “Born” l'Aratro, the wheel, the carts of the animals for traction, the four-wheeled cart, the development of copper metallurgy, often alloyed with arsenic, Agriculture and livestock, activities that promote new economic and social assets. This is the show that experts and enthusiasts have been waiting for years, ETA since copper is known about; but much remains to be discovered and defined. So the exhibition of Brescia will be the opportunity to take stock of all the new discoveries in northern Italy, key area for this civilization.

To promote it, in collaboration with the various Superintendencies, the Diocesan Museum and the Foundation CAB, is a special organizing committee supported by a highly qualified scientific committee headed by Raffaele. C. De Marinis.

The choice of Brescia, in the highly exposed location is not random: E’ right in Brescia, fact came to light that the most important evidence of the Copper Age settlements in Italy. The necropolis of Remedello Under, in the province of Brescia, after 128 years after its discovery is still the main documentation for the reconstruction of the Bronze Age in the Po Valley. But new discoveries are documented in the province of Brescia Volongo, Fontanella Mantovana, Cumarola and Spilamberto in the province of Modena, Bologna, Forlì and Cesena and other locations in the Po valley and the foothills that surround. These cemeteries, sometimes very rich in artifacts.

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