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Liguria | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 30 March, 2012

at the fourteenth edition of the Culture Week held by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 April, The Cervara, Abbazia di San Girolamo at Monte di Portofino, open to the public with the initiative “Arazzinvista”: presentation of the restoration of the tapestries of Cervara soon recovered and visit the beautiful gardens overlooking the sea. On this occasion will be presented the book "The Tapestry of the Abbey of Cervara: history and restoration " (Allemandi publisher), edited and realized by the restoration Conservation and Restoration Center “The Venaria” whose director is Pinin Brambilla Barcillon, restorer of the famous Leonardo's Last Supper, who worked in the past the entire decoration of Cervara.

On the sea between Portofino and Santa Margherita, Abbey of Cervara is a treasure chest full of history, nature and art: a place to find the Fair, approach to art in all its manifestations, understanding history, Cervara that the talks the language of tapestry, frescoes, dell’architettura, gardens.

Founded in 1361 by a small group of Benedictine monks, in almost seven centuries of history has been the scene of splendor and decadence, which were reflected in the progressive transformation of the complex architectural. Of particular relevance is the monumental Italian-style garden, only one remaining in Liguria, which extends over two levels, curves with grace pergolas and steps. At the bottom of the box hedges are an elegant creation of topiary cones and cones to steps and around the marble fountain in the seventeenth century. On the east side of the garden under a large pergola is covered with a purple wisteria ultrasecolare of monumental proportions.

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