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Written by Michela | 31 May, 2012

Continue, After the positive results of the first WEDNESDAY 'SCACCIACRISI, a special initiative dedicated to saving: Also Wednesday 6 June, the cost of admission ticket to the Park will be only 18 euro for all, than half the price of the ticket. This is an unmissable opportunity to enjoy the great attractions at Gardaland a highly affordable to all, a proposal that the park offers its guests to address the crisis that requires sacrifice "entertaining" than the indispensable.

A day, So, during which all may enjoy a little 'leisure, economic worries aside and sacrifices, and seizing a unique opportunity to alleviate the stress of a life lived in a thousand small and large daily difficulties, Thanks to a healthy fun, carefree and above all accessible.

To celebrate this missed opportunity, last Saturday 26 May, Park has opened its doors to a large group representative of the categories most affected by the crisis: families with 5 E 7 children, Grandpa retired in the company of her grandchildren to look after, the new graduates awaiting the first work, the bride and groom engaged in trying to make ends meet and workers of various kinds to grips with the problems of labor market.

Categories that, wave of austerity, they had to change their habits, resizing the fun and spending holidays and devising stratagems to counter the crisis, as special, discounts and promotions, not only for shopping, or buy new clothes, but also for the free time.

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