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Circuit Tricolore classic cars, 10 June to Reggio Emilia | Traveling Easy
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Circuit Tricolore classic cars, 10 June to Reggio Emilia | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 4 June, 2012 8:00

Departure from place of arrival in Piazza Prampolini and Confcommercio and awards ceremony in the Sala del Tricolore.

Reggio Emilia confirms her passion for vintage cars.

The circuit of the Tricolor, born seven years ago with the aim of promoting and enhancing the area and the racing tradition of Reggio Emilia, has become an event of great attraction for regolaristi and fans of vintage cars.

Sunday 10 June Their protagonists are: cars built before 31 December 1992 and their crews that will measure their skills in about 60 regularity tests, along a route 150 Km.

Production Designer of the Apennines except cheese with its medieval castles and the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, Rossena and Quattro Castella.

Inserted in the circuit from the Motor Valley 2007, Circuit is the Tricolor valid for the Fifth Towers & Motors.

Passion for vintage engines, agonism, but most show, fun and good food are the ingredients of Emilian an event that you are "making a name" in the regular vintage car.

Departure and arrival in Reggio Emilia and awards ceremony in the Town Hall, in the Sala del Tricolore, where 7 January 1797 came the national flag.

L’edizione 2012 brings with it the renewed cooperation with the Scuderia Project M.I.T.E. - stands for "Miteinander", “Insieme”, “Together”, "Together" – the project created by Gilberto Pozza that, Thanks to a specially built road book in Braille, allows visually impaired people to participate, as navigators, the racing (rally, regularity) like the other crews.

In the circuit of the Tricolor M.I.T.E. will field three teams: Leonardo Fabbri E Henry Mussinelli its Volvo 122 Amazon's 1961, Emanuele Ferrara E Clare Tirelli its Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1971 - who also participated in the 100 Miles of Terre Gonzaga - and Andrea Soliani E Leonardo Di Clemente its Lancia Fulvia 1.3 Rally del 1968.

Off the first car is scheduled for 10 (indicative time) at the headquarters of the Reggio Emilia Confcommercio, being Giglioli Valle, 10.

Path and tests are made with the Umberto Ferrari partnership – Dreaming Classic, who made the road book is also available in digital format for those with the Blizz-Tripy II.

For more information: – Tel. 0522 406162