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Kornati secret, Magic Croatia | Traveling Easy
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Kornati secret, Magic Croatia | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 22 June, 2011 10:00

Imagine a “square” seafood with sides measuring just fifteen kilometers inside Throw 140 ISLANDS. Here the archipelago of Kornati, proper natural labyrinth of water and stone, ideal for those looking for sailors “secret bays” to stay in direct contact with nature.

Characterized by little vegetation, Kornati are almost entirely uninhabited: really very few fishing settlements consisting of more than a dozen houses.

The beauty of a unique nature, joins the hospitality of the fishermen. Genuine hospitality, not yet touched by mass tourism. Will be happy to welcome you to the shore and offer some local seafood specialties.

“It is difficult to suggest a place rather than another, especially since those who venture between the Kornati with the sailboat should just enjoy the advantage of lost between one island and another – says Commander Ezio AdriaCharter Counts, that with its fleet of sailboats for years organizing cruises in these waters - stopping in the place that most impressed”.

but, one of the most special of Kornati are cliffs above the sea at the time of Donji Kornati offshore. The rocks are called “crowns” and to give their name to the archipelago. The highest cliffs are Klobuchar on the island (80 m), Mana e Rasip Parent (65 m). The island of Zut Kornati where it is worth to go ashore and climb the highest peaks to enjoy the unique view of the archipelago.

“Personally, I find another place not be missed is the fjord Telascica, that slips to the island several miles long, through sheer cliffs and an incredible salt lake”, Continuous Counts.

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