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Data Presentation 2011 Online cruise market and tourism Observatory on MSC Fantasia | Traveling Easy
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Data Presentation 2011 Online cruise market and tourism Observatory on MSC Fantasia | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 10 February, 2012 17:15

GENOA, 10 February 2012 – the main source of information to which users have resorted in the season 2010/2011 and Web, used so frequently by 78% Advice to gather the necessary info for your longer holiday.

And 'what is the third edition of the research Tourism Observatory Online was presented today at the edge of MSC Fantasia

The research - conducted by with the support and collaboration of Confindustria Assotravel and sponsorship for this edition of MSC Cruises - Register, in particular, increased percentage of people who consult the websites of local tourism bodies (+7%) e i siti on online booking (+6%) functional claims to collect the purchase.

Compared to the previous season decreases, instead, the number of users that will appeal to travel agencies to find information, understand and evaluate proposals and destinations for their holidays (-8%). Since not negligible is the percentage change, compared to 2009/2010, of users who say they have never resorted to travel agents last season (+14%).

Among the reasons given by those not using the channel information, the agency is the ease of finding information online and the car-buying information.

season 2010/2011 increases the percentage of users that, previous year, claims to have purchased online "Travel Related Services" (+ 11%), entry which is confirmed in the first place among the products purchased on the Italian web users age (53%). In absolute terms The 43% users over online 18 has bought in recent years 12 months at least one product / service, tourism.

As to the type of product service purchased and there is a given absolutely in line with the season 2009/2010: The 78% of users have bought at least one ticket, il 66% hTheeffettuato least a reservation, il 18% bought a travel package, il 18% a rental service, il 13% a travel insurance. Begin toThee bought on the web at the cruise and ferry tickets.

Decreasing the percentage of users who have purchased their holiday travel agents (-6%). In absolute terms the share of buyers in AdV remains constant equal to about 9 million.

The analysis conducted shows that, during the period October 2010-September 2011, The 58% of Internet users have purchased products online travel and / or travel agency, in particular: The 32,8% Only on the Net, The 14,8% only travel agency and the 10,2% both on the web in a travel agency.

In absolute terms about 8 million of Italians who have access to the Internet frequently buy main holiday in AdV. Of these over 6,6 million inform you frequently online.

nell’estate 2011 The 78% users Internet italiani over 18 has at least one holiday: The 50% declares that he has made only, While the 28% made to have more than one.

the favorite by people who were on holiday was the 'Italy (62%, against 38% abroad). Most of the users who spent his long holiday in Italy has opted for Sicily (13%), for Puglia (12%) and to Sardinia (10%).

Among the travelers who have the privileged Foreign Spain was the destination of choice (19,3%), followed by Greece and France.

The longest summer vacation, For the 54% of those who were on holiday, lasted 1-2 week and the accommodation chosen by most people was the hotel / hotel, followed by property and houses for rent.

As to the information channel used more by travelers for their main summer holiday, study is being conducted on nel web 56% cases, consultation with friends and acquaintances in 18,8% and travel agencies in 13%.

The Internet is also the preferred mode of purchase users to purchase services (transport, accommodation, Insurance, car rental) for your longer holiday.

The 69% people who have made a second holiday nell’estate 2012, they made in Italy. Tuscany, Puglia and Trentino-Alto Adige regions were more choices.

For the second holiday, maximum duration of one week, travelers have already confirmed the type of accommodation chosen for the main holiday, and both in the retrieval of information as in the purchase are applications in most cases to the web.

L’Assistance in case of need, the reassurance Product / service purchased and the competence and professionalism provided by travel agents are confirmed to be the three main reasons why Internet users decide to go to travel agency for the purchase of their vacation. Among the factors that most influence in the choice then the agency can rely on increases the importance of training staff in particular types of journey (+4%) and destinations (+5%) with the consequent ability to provide a valid and reliable consulting service (+4%).

The 41% Internet users are older writing at least one group of online purchase, It is about 15 million Italians.

The 29% some group of people enrolled in online purchasing (over 4 million) claims to have bought at least once a travel voucher season 2010/2011, driven mainly by the convenience of the proposed offer.

The more tourism products purchased through the voucher were week end di 2 days in Italy (42%) followed only by living in structures not including transportation (30%) and the short break in our Peninsula (17%).

Users were generally favorable, and show no suspicious purchase of tourism products through travel vouchers / service groups online purchase: among those who have not yet purchased 2 of persons 3 have intention to do so in the future and almost 60% declares that the main reason why he has not yet done is not finding offers of particular interest.

Almost 50% Internet users choose to organize their holidays in the month before the actual departure, The 37% In 2-3 months before and 15% 4-6 months before. Unchanged from last season appear to be the reasons given so much to those who prefer a small advance (willingness to engage and not looking for last minute offers) As for those who prefer to organize themselves more calmly (for discounts, to have more time to get organized and have a wider choice), in both cases the variable price is absolutely considerable (25% and 59%).

The 39% user declares its intention to use increasing the Web to purchase their travel, against a 10% Instead willing to buy increasingly in agency Travel. The percentage of people who express the intention to purchase in the future is increasingly in agency, in relative terms, slightly down and grows into the class of "Senior" (The over 55) compared to other age groups.

Relevant data is in each case the percentage of users, The 51% of the sample and formed mainly of women, wishing continue to buy time to the agency on the web, referring to specific situations and needs of their purchasing behavior.

The objectives Main Observatory are monitoring and analyzing the 'attitude of traveler information and online purchase of travel on the web and / or travel agency, understand the dynamics underway in market and motivations of Use of the various information channels and distribution of tourism products the light of the increasingly widespread adoption of the Internet by consumers.

Many are the lessons from Relationship 2011, which verified the behavior of travelers in the past 12 months, with particular reference to information and distribution channels used in summer holidays 2011, in relation to which it was decided to investigate, for each destination and trip type, the ability of consumers to resort to the use of the Web and / or travel agency. Without doubt, the interesting study, introduced in this third edition, the widespread phenomenon of groups to purchase online.

"We are the protagonists of an era that has long experienced a series of profound changes dictated by the use of internet, tool that can change global customs and practices of people, So consumers - said Leonardo Massa, Country Manager Italy Market MSC Cruises – Our task, as a driver of the cruise sector, is to ride the change in this process and support the travel agencies, that remain on our distribution channel chosen on which we will always continue to focus. The undoubted strength of the web is used not only to increase the availability of information, but also to generate a different traffic compared to the existing, through proactive business strategies, innovative and customized ".

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Tel: 02.45473080 , Tourism promoter Observatory Online, Social Network is the Italian Tourist Board or the community of business travelers and those who travel.

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Assotravel , who works in the observatory Tourism Online, is the national association of travel agencies and tourism are members of Confindustria. The association has as its aim the affirmation of the role of travel agents by enhancing the services they offer to their customers.

Assotravel aims to make the best service to its members by providing tools and services that respond to changing market that is rapidly evolving both as regards the demand for industrial processes and commercial.

In this regard Assotravel identify and propose innovative solutions to its members, highlights the opportunities and verify the potential of new business prospects and their locations.

In addition to offering services to member companies, representation and conventions, also intends to assisting them in their relationship with the customer, that is, participating in and supporting the production and providing companies with tools able to perceive more clearly the added value offered by travel agencies.

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MSC Cruises, sponsor for this edition of the Tourism Online, is the leading company in the Mediterranean, in South Africa and Brazilian markets – has a modern fleet of eleven ships sailing the seas around the world: MSC Fantasia and MSC Splendida (the largest ships ever built for a European ship owner), MSC Poesia, MSC Orchestra, MSC Musica, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Armonia, MSC Opera, MSC Lirica, MSC Melody. MSC Magnifica, the last arrived, was launched in 2010. Will join the fleet MSC also Divine, third ship in the Fantasia class, whose baptism will be held in Marseille on 26 May 2012.

The units all year round sailing in the Mediterranean, cyclically in Northern Europe, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean, in North and South America, Indian Ocean, in South Africa and the West.  

MSC Cruises is the only company to have received the "6 Golden Pearls' from the Bureau Veritas in recognition of its high level of quality management and environmental protection, and got the double ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 systems for quality management and food security on all aspects of catering, both on land and on board. MSC Cruises, In addition, has at heart the welfare of children, and as a responsible market leader, believes in activities that create positive impact in the regions where it operates. For this, The Company has partnered with UNICEF to fund a community project aimed at training children in need in Brazil.

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