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On MSC Lirica Cruise “Food and wine”, Genoa to Buenos Aires gives 22 days full of taste | Traveling Easy
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On MSC Lirica Cruise “Food and wine”, Genoa to Buenos Aires gives 22 days full of taste | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 19 October, 2010 8:00

Cruise "Food & Wine "on MSC Lirica: 22 days and 21 nights, Genoa to Buenos Aires gives, starting with 1 and return the 22 November.

Four Chefs on board: Uliassi, Barbieri, Town and Molina. Each will present the specialties of their country of origin

As from 1 November, and 22 days, on MSC Lirica, you can travel by taste along with some of the best interpreters of Italian and international cuisine. The rise in ethnic flavors and our own ship and embarked at Genoa on November 1st to sail to France, Spain, Morocco, Canary Islands before reaching the coast of Brazil and the Argentine.

A transatlantic crossing 22 days and 21 nights to savor and enjoy. Participants will have the opportunity to attend various cooking classes organized by professional chefs, which show the preparation of some dishes considered the flagship of the Italian culinary tradition, in addition to the techniques of decoration and the creation of sculptures. It will range from preparing fresh pasta recipes from international cuisine to the cocktail of fruit and vegetables.with Mauro Uliassi which will present its Italian specialties, Bruno Barbieri with its international cuisine, Alan Town with those of Brazil and Martiniano Molina with those of Argentina, guests on board MSC Lirica will have the opportunity to participate in a trip around the taste, discovering unique dishes with the best wines.

On board will be able to attend courses in oenology and art of hospitality at the table: we'll talk about etiquette and will train with the smell ideal pairing food and wine. During Food & Wine of MSC Cruises, guests will also have the pleasure to deal with different wine producers such as Moet and Caprai & Chandon: scheduled tastings of select vintages.

Jewel of the latest generation, Long 251 meters wide 28,8 m, MSC Lirica can accommodate in its 780 booths to 2.200 passengers and 750 crew. In public spaces there are 2 pool, 3 restaurants, 8 bar, a cafeteria for the breakfast and buffet lunch, a wellness center 1.685 m. On board ship, In addition, the Rodeo Drive shoppers and every night a different fixture at the Broadway Theatre, with international shows always exciting.

Cruise FOOD & WINE

Departure: 1 November by Genoa

airports: Marseille (FRENCH), Barcelona, Cadiz (Spain), Casablanca (Morocco), Arrecife de Lanzarote and S. Cruz de Tenerife (Canary); Recife, Salvador de Bahia, Buzios,Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Arrival: 22 November to Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Costs from 1695 €, including return flight to Milan, excluding registration fee and mandatory insurance.

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