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MSC Cruises Civitavecchia ago 90 (airports). Arriving passengers 308mila (+11%) | Traveling Easy
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MSC Cruises Civitavecchia ago 90 (airports). Arriving passengers 308mila (+11%) | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 31 May, 2011 9:00

MSC Cruises continues to focus on Civitavecchia, stops increasing and moving passengers and helping to consolidate the position of leadership position from Civitavecchia, that 2010 has moved 2,3 million cruise passengers overcoming, then to Barcelona 2009 held the leadership in the Mare Nostrum.

The company this year will further increase its presence in the port of Civitavecchia, passing by 86 ports of call 2010 to 90 this year and a consequent growth passengers handled dell’11% (of 277.293 a 308.604 Dear).

In the summer season will be only four ships of the fleet MSC Cruises that will affect the port of Civitavecchia.

L’ammiraglia MSC Fantasia will start every Friday until 14 October for weekly cruises to Genoa, Marseille (French), Barcelona (Spain), Valletta (Malta) and Messina.

Travels of the same duration but instead leaving Sunday for MSC Lirica, until 9 Starting in October to Salerno, Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands / Spain), Marseille (French), Genoa and Ajaccio (Corsica). MSC Melody is expected in the port 7 June, il 10 July, ilthe2 August and 28 November for four departures from 12 days and 11 nights at a time in the Eastern Mediterranean, with stops in the Greek town of Nafplion, a Yalta (Ukraine), Istanbul (Turkey), Messina, Sorrento and Genoa.

A stop in Civitavecchia for MSC Orchestra Waiting in the Lazio 17 November after a long journey 12 and 11 party nights from Genoa and Naples continued to locations, Rodi (Greece), Antalya (Turkey), Beirut (Lebanon), Limassol (Cyprus), and directed toward its conclusion in Genoa 

"MSC Cruises has started with the port of Civitavecchia, a fruitful collaboration for many years, during which the airport has reached a market leader in Europe, testimony to the excellent work done by the authorities " states Area Manager MSC Cruises Luigi Cerracchio. "Ours is a relationship that over time has produced great benefits and who is destined to become ever more closely, satisfactorily. This is confirmed by the further increase of 11% of cruise passengers that the company will bring in 2011 last year, with positive consequences for the armature of the territory ".

According to a study by the University Ca 'Foscari, the economic impact generated by the Company in the Lazio region amounted to 16 million euro In 2009 and involved 73 suppliers.