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Written by Michela | 31 January, 2012

by 2 February for three months, the award-winning wines of Winery Attilio Contini represent Sardinia and its most emblematic wines in the hotel in Rome

After the Friuli Venezia Giulia, arrives in Sardinia cycle tastings dedicated to the regions of Italy: Thursday 2 February 2012 at 17.00 will be held at the Visconti Palace Hotel a tasting dall'AIS. dedicated to 4 wines of Winery Attilio Contini, that during the months of February, March and April will be included in the "petite carte" Visconti's Bar, for both hotel guests and for external customers. In conjunction with the wines will be served in the Sardinian territory.

The Winery Attilio Contini: family tradition and enhancement of ancient native vines
Among the oldest and most prestigious wineries in Sardinia, The winery was founded in Attilio Contini 1898 by Salvatore Contini, grandfather of current owners. The Company is in fact still family, and devotes the best care and attention to the selection of vines and grapes, vinification and aging, In respecting the old traditions. The company always identifies with Contini Vernaccia di Oristano (already awarded the gold medal at the International Exhibition in Milan 1912 and 1913), a wine of complexity, elegance and consistency is the maximum expression of Sardinia wine. The Winery Attilio Contini Goats have headquarters, country of west-central Sardinia, less than 10 km from the provincial capital of Orissa. Multiple factors among which the microclimate in the lower valley of the River Tirso and the special geological composition of the alluvial soils of the regionand, help give the wine a good structure and balance of its various components.
Since the Eighties, Contini, the Company has given a new look, to meet the needs of an increasingly broad and responsible alongside the typical production of Vernaccia, the study of the potential quality of autochthonous local.

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