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Written by Michela | 24 February, 2012

Article and photographs by Mariateresa Di Lallo - mteresa.dilallo @

Petrella Tifernina (CB) – Church of St. George the Martyr
The shroud and the Templars
Located in the historic center of Petrella Tifernina, the church of St. George the Martyr is a three-aisled apsidal building. The tradition is built on the remains of an ancient Samnite and was built by the Magister Epidius around 1211 (that is derived from the inclusion date engraved on the bezel of the main portal).

Bestiaries breasts and Lombard

The outer walls are rich in Christian-pagan sibologie. The central portal, in the lunette, is inserted sculpture of Jonah swallowed by the whale and then rejected, prefiguration of the death and resurrection of Christ, a dragon and the Lamb Crucifer. Then there are fantastic animals, a monster that swallows a man while fighting a warrior, Mascheroni, Lombard breasts symbol of fertility, Pavoni, hares.

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