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Written by Michela | 17 April, 2012

It will be held throughout the region of Umbria, the first edition of 'Umbria Water Festival, from 17 the 20 May 2012, the first event dedicated entirely to water, undisputed star of countless activities.

The organizer of the event is a special Committee constituted by the region dell’Umbria, by Province of Perugia and Terni and the two Chambers of Commerce. Also involved many other subjects, public and private,local, national and international, firstly that the Unesco, own in Perugia, The Villa in the prestigious Dove, has placed the seat of UN-WWAP, The United Nations Program for the Assessment of World Water, who gave moral support to the event.

In particular, The event aims to bring together the many realities existing in Umbria involved in, implementing a program which, in the four-day festival, can involve the whole, starting from the areas best known as the Waterfall Marmore or Lake Piediluco, where he held numerous outdoor sports, Lake Trasimeno, with educational activities and entertainment that will involve all municipalities of the lake and the islands, or waterways like the rivers Tiber and Nera, that marked the life of the areas in which flow.

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