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Written by Michela | 27 March, 2012

Art and new media is the topic of the next meeting scheduled to Factories Chiaramontane Agrigento, Saturday 31 March (hours 18), part of the cycle "Work in progress. Meetings and conversations of art " promoted in the exhibition of FAM.

Protagonists of the debate, open to public input, will be the art critic Joseph Frazzetto and the journalist and writer Joseph Lazzaro Danzuso.

Extraordinary seabed copyright the conversations of "Work in progress” – laboratory of ideas and projects around the cultural heritage, to urban landscapes, painting, photography and new media – will be up to 10 June The exhibition Twentieth century Sicilian, an anthology dedicated to the greatest artists of the last century Sicilian, sponsored by Friends of Sicilian painting of the nineteenth chaired by Antonino Pusateri, sponsored by Province and "owned" by many collectors Sicilian.

The exhibition of over fifty works Guttuso, Consagra, Accardi, Pirandello, Trombadori, Isgrò, Migneco, Guccione, Sanfilippo, Marchegiani and many more. A story in pictures, pointillism to conceptual, Futurism to abstraction, runs the index of the most prestigious art in Sicily. Twentieth century Sicilian is open from Tuesday to Sunday (10-13 and 16-20). Free admission, closed Mondays. Info: 0922.277.29

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