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Written by Michela | 11 April, 2012

Throughout history, flowers have a very charming man. She was the wife of the British ambassador to Constantinople in early 700, first to speak of a codification of the language of flowers. In his letters he told, Indeed, of hi, the traditional costume of attributing significance to plants, fruit and flowers.

During the spring blooms, three magnificent cities hosting events to celebrate their captive flower symbol.


from 7 April to the end of April 2012

Istanbul turns up at the end of April in a beautiful flower garden, thus celebrating the very symbol of Turkey. The botanical name for tulips tulip derives from the Turkish word tulbend or turban, at which the flower resembles. The tulips are in fact applied arts, folklore and everyday life. The Festival program, that over the years has extended the offer by invoking a large audience from around the world, also includes concerts, ebru technique courses with local artists, Photography and painting exhibits; You can also buy the bulbs of several varieties of Turkish tulips and then transplant them to return from the trip. The flowers are a huge variety of bright colors, including white, yellow, Pink, red, The Black, purple, two-tone orange and other species.

l’International Istanbul Tulip Festival is one of the best opportunities to discover the city's parks, such as Emirgan Park which turns into a paradise on the Bosphorus.

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