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Written by Michela | 16 March, 2011

Back to ModenaFiere hall rental 0-14. From tomorrow 20 March will be discussed travel for kids, family size of tourism and tourism education: many proposals, For all budgets. well 150 Exhibitors, dozens of events for professionals and the data of the National Observatory on Youth Tourism. There will also be an entire pavilion devoted to "green holidays" in contact with nature: Here the young visitors can experience the adventure for a few hours of their next baby Holidays

Modena, 16 March – The mini-vacations are increasingly popular, but it is not short holiday, Unlike, are dramatically declining. They are the young tourists to increase, read as children traveling alone or with family, without mom and dad. The statistics speak for themselves: according to the National Observatory on Youth Tourism, In 2010 well the 76% of Italian families had at least a one-week vacation with minor children, Istat noted that while the under- 14 are individuals who travel more: every year over the 60% children make at least one holiday.

The demand for tour, villages, campsites for families and school fields are reserved exclusively for children has become so widespread to lead to the creation of a fair dedicated, which has now been repeated 8 years. E 'own wishes and needs of the smallest tourist who turns Children’s Tour (, the hall of the holidays 0-14. Organised by Studio Lobo and ModenaFiere, be held from 17 the 20 March at Modena Exhibition Centre in Italy and now represents the only opportunity to meet and discuss tourism experiences for parents and families, without neglecting the children traveling alone, or association with the school sports. Here parents can meet directly with resorts, villages, Hotels and Guest accommodation, theme parks, sports and centers for study tours, Teaching Farms and nature trails which gave rise to ad hoc services for the target 0-14. For younger players the show has developed many activities and entertainment themed with historic re-enactments, marked by challenges between soldiers and knights and princesses to be saved. L’animatissimo Kids Space, then, children to experience a taste of the holidays especially designed for them through creative workshops, shows, adventure and discovering new sports themed trails and simulations. There is also a kids park for toddlers: area managed by professionals Valturland, division that specializes in deals for young tourists Valtur, one of the largest Italian tour operators.

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