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Friuli Venezia Giulia | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 30 September, 2011

villa-manin-320x135-3057815The quotation is a proposal entitled Pasolini. It lends itself perfectly to the show, by Giovanni Agosti, Giovanni Frangi has designed for the eleven rooms of Villa Manin in Eastern exedra Passariano (from 30 September to 6 November 2011). Here is the income of the most recent expression predilections Frangi, one of the most significant artists of today.

It has thus able to retrace – charge in an order that even the new sense (few) already seen in public works – the shift from depictions of reality by painting with others that have as their starting point the photographic image. Engineers without this trivial conflicts.

So. Experiments are observed to return three-dimensional approximations of nature: and here is the Bottom of the sea. One raises the soul with sculptures in plaster and foam, lying on a lawn fake. It expands the heart watching the skies paintings, competing with the real ones that pierce the windows, as if to give homage to those happy and those torn by Paolo Veronese by Giovan Battista Tiepolo. We admire, as in an actual museum, In Public Gardens, which were the other summer at the MART in Rovereto. He pays a visit to the botanical gardens with a series of carborundum etchings, put on paper by Corrado Apricot: is an opportunity for those who have lost the first presentation of these papers at the Gallery of Modern Art in Udine 2008. There has been stopped in the yard exedra the shreds of silver, climbing on ceilings, floors, scale e controscale. There is satisfied before the large canvases purple, entitled Vallemosso, with the water shimmering rice paddies of Valpadana.

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