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Discover Italy | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 7 May, 2012

What place can be better suited to inspire those who love to write but a hotel? Full of charm to the mystery that surrounds travelers, container of characters and stories that go beyond what appears, the hotel is the ideal place to enjoy at least a day of creativity. Perfect Hotel Quirinale in Rome, that with his secret passage connected directly to the Opera House, surely light up the fantasy and imagination. 

Write, without dwelling on thoughts. Write without worrying in an obsessive way of grammatical rules. And without posing the question of what you write before after. because write not only about thinking. It is a physical act. It is also about having, the sense of smell, taste, the sensations, all that is alive and in action. A workshop to know, to remember, to fix on paper the emotions.

It is assumed that the purpose of writing is the writing: the goal to be asked, then you discover the pleasure, the beauty and value of writing itself. For this The workshop is open to all, both those who already practice writing, and to those who have not yet committed. For groped A new approach, creative, but no less rigorous, techniques and procedures necessary to implement it.

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