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Customs and Traditions | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 26 April, 2012

Ticino is a cuisine that is rooted in culture and tradition of the pre-Alpine, especially Lombardy. Even with these influences, who meet regularly in many recipes, But you can define the Ticino in full as "regional cuisine", since it is based on regional products.

On the other hand, that Ticino is a land dedicated to gastronomy is demonstrated by famous people who have made the history of the kitchen, as the chef Martin Smith, later called Martin de Rubeis, born in Torre Valley Blenio. In 1457 Maestro Martino was chef Francesco Sforza.

Of this great past has been preserved to our days, in a constantly changing, the dishes that we enjoy today in the grottos, but also in many restaurants where chefs, listed in the finest gourmet guides, reinterpret this authentic legacy of art and tastes.

One of the most enjoyable culinary attractions of Ticino is represented by the "grotto". The grottoes are located in areas where local rustic quiet and fresh. They offer a traditional cuisine and a large yard used as external service with tables and benches, usually made of stone, where you eat in the shade of a pergola. You will need products and local dishes: meats and homemade sausages (salami and mortadella in particular), minestrone, risotto, marinated fish, polenta with braised, Cazzola and of course, various cheeses and cheese. From the "nozzle" sipping a Merlot or the "lemonade", The local drink produced by several small companies.

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