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Corner of Italy | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 27 April, 2012

Open every Sunday to relive the full world of '300, knights, jesters, Courtesans, merchants and warriors in the beautiful castle dell'Abornoz.

For the little ones with Arthur, the incredible talking tree in the exclusive Park Rock of Narni. 

And 'the first born in Narni in Umbria medieval theme park, housed inside the historic Fortress of Albornoz 1371.

Enter the park is like crossing a stargate and instantly find themselves in another time, populated by swordsmen and knights, magicians and storytellers, seductive dancers and musicians, merchants and craftsmen.

And there is also Arthur the talking tree, a four-meter tall robot, able to move eyes, mouth and ... branches and interact with the public, thanks to a promoter at a distance. Un’exclusive attraction of the Park Rocca di Narni, that in the early days of opening was a huge success, especially by smaller.

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