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Campaign | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 11 April, 2012

Also this year, MiBAC (Ministry of Heritage and Culture) to promote and enhance the Italian cultural heritage opens the doors of museums for free, would, monuments, archaeological sites, archives and state libraries, for nine days, from 14 the 22 April throughout the national territory. the week of culture, become, Now, a large collective celebration offers a full calendar of events: exhibitions, conferences, Special openings, Educational workshops, guided tours and concerts, that will make it even more special experience for all visitors.

The basic purpose of this initiative is to convey the love for art and encourage new cultural experiences through knowledge of the immense wealth Italian, thanks to the involvement of other public and private, for an extensive and widespread involvement of the whole. "Culture is all: part of it"Is the theme that is repeated for some years to emphasize the universality of our heritage, unique and inimitable, MiBAC that makes available to every citizen, just to encourage greater understanding and to accustom the public to attend assiduously art sites, necessary step for genuine civil growth, Social and cultural nation.

The Superintendency BAP (Architectural Heritage and Landscape) of Salerno and Avellino, directed by Gennaro Miccio, in addition to allowing free entry to the Certosa di San Lorenzo, Padula (SA), organized on the territory of competence, the following initiatives.

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