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Written by Michela | 2 May, 2012

Always attentive to the young emerging talents, Castelli Gallery in Milan decided to present a young artist who, in recent years, was reported as one of its most vibrant and supportive of scene painting in Lombardy and Canton Ticino. The exhibition, entitled "Towards the light", It will be inaugurated on Thursday 3 maggio, all 19.00, and will be open until 13 maggiMay

Varesino of birth and adoption of Lugano, Scacciotti Andrea has been able to raise their own very personal style of abstraction in. After a period devoted to figurative and learning, technical and theoretical, of the basic principles of painting, it has focused its research on the use of signs and colors, but also on the testing of mixed techniques involving the use of materials foreign to the tradition. Following a wave of extreme creative freedom, oil and acrylic blend and blend with natural and industrial materials such as sand, woodwind, cement and plastics, obtaining interesting visual effects, findings of facts, of iridescence and transparency, which often fail to convey a feeling almost tactile.

The great interest in the materiality of the materials used must not distract attention from the heart of the artistic research of Scacciotti: his is an artistic research aims to explore depths of the human soul and depth, to reveal to the rigors of the rippling color doubts, uncertainties and conflicts that afflict the existence.

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