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EPIPHANY, The MOST WEEKENDS 'SPECIAL THAT THERE IS From 5 January 8 2011 | Traveling Easy
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EPIPHANY, The MOST WEEKENDS 'SPECIAL THAT THERE IS From 5 January 8 2011 | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 21 December, 2010 9:00

It is already past the New Year, with his balls and his fireworks, but for all of us is still party. The whole Christmas season takes leave it with the affectionate care of the Epiphany. Today this figure for all of us, with its unmistakable silhouette, a bit’ old woman and a little’ witch, has the difficult task of judging the upright and the wicked, of reward and punishment with the sweets with coal.

A world divided into good and bad to this day fades into a more general clemency.
Of course, is the trace of a passage, to some extent, retains some economic value in the tests. This is why at Wellness Hotel Belvedere in Riccione, we decided to organize a long weekend dedicated to the Epiphany, and even a bit of courage, such as what occurs in the supreme test of swimming in the sea in January.

But we also thought of many other events, small or large, to make our Epiphany 'the weekend that there is more special ".

Among the initiatives that we expect from 5 January 8:

- EPIPHANY IN BIKINI: Staff of Belvedere girls in vintage costume very (choreography suitable amiable old lady) liven up the party that starts with live music in the afternoon and ends with the final dip in the heated pool. In the heart of the evening will be offered to all alcoholic beverages hot: the Grolla (coffee and brandy on fire), and Euphonium (Vov, rum and cream), Hot chocolate with rum, Mandarin Punch, mulled wine with spices, It Grog (tea with cognac).

- CONTEST “TRAVESTI EN LA BEFANA” La più “beautiful”, la più “bad”, la più “philological”, la più “imaginative̶the mostpiù “transgender”. Travestitevi by Befane and parades on our catwalk: a jury will evaluate the best performance from the entire public. at stake?
A wonderful set of brooms icon_wink-6782574

- “EPIPHANY WET, EPIPHANY LUCKY” Prize draw “A weekend at the Belvedere” for one of the brave who will swim in the sea on the day of the Epiphany. For the occasion, There will be a small beach party with cakes and mulled wine to warm up participants.

STAY 4 days / 3 nights

  • Overnight in double room Basic
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Light Lunch: by 12.30 all 14.00
  • Cena buffet
  • Mineral water and local wines included at the table
  • Entrance to our Wellness Center: Indoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi (5 mt X 4 MT), bio-sauna, Turkish bath with Thalasso therapy, Kneipp, Blue Grotto bath with Dead Sea, the emotional shower Maracuja, Cave of the cold, Relaxation Room “5 meaning” purifying and relaxing with tea.
  • Courtesy service center: bathrobe and towel in sauna use, Complimentary slippers
  • WI-FI access throughout the hotel
  • SKY – 6 canali

is also, included in the package:


You've been naughty or blameless, will be in your room on arrival a sock full of sweets and small gifts, wish you a Happy New Year 2011 by all the staff at Belvedere.

As part of traditional Italian Epiphany, terminating in the period beauty of Christmas, we provide our guests with a corner devoted to a tasty snack mid-afternoon: to become large and the small children to return large!

- Magical Thinking

A true Pagan Befana, good but strict, inspired but empathic, read the cards for you in his special grotto. Only three questions, only three responses, with the sole ambition to reform the traditional proverb: "Viva viva Epiphany, that all the anxiety goes away, ".

4 days / 3 nights: 349,00 euro per person

Supplements and reductions

  • Room with French bed 30,00 euro per person
  • Glamour Room: 25,00 Euros per person per day
  • Glamour Junior Suite: 70,00 Euros per person per day
  • Third bed: reduction 20%
  • Children under 10 years: reduction 50%

Special Children

  • Mini Club by 3 to 12 years by 15,00 all 19.00

And moreover, on request:
- A trip to URBANIA
Did you know? A few steps away from Urbino, that is, half an hour from Belvedere, There is a tiny city that has erected the “House of the Epiphany”. A Urbania, this is its name, feast is celebrated every year “National Day of the Epiphany”, a course of action and street demonstrations that culminated on the day of the Epiphany. The Belvedere will organize (with a contribution to the costs) a tour to participate in one of the days of Urbania, However on this occasion that is filled with markets and stalls.

Beauty Packages


KAYA EXTRACT OF APRICOT BODY SCRUB Recommended treatment for all skin types. Thanks to its exfoliating removes impurities, refines skin texture and encourage cell renewal. Result: a smooth skin, bright and uniform. Increase the effectiveness of treatments applied afterwards.

DURATION: 25 my.

TOTAL BODY MASSAGE STRESS AROMATIC This is a total anti-stress massage that works on areas of greatest accumulation of tension. The use of aromatic oils promotes relaxation, restores the natural pattern of relaxation, balances mood, improves sleep quality, promotes good circulation.

DURATION: 50 my.

Total duration of the package: 75 my.
Cost of the package: € 99,00


Body scrub with Himalayan salt and ginger-lemon Ideal to exfoliate the skin, smooth and prepare it for subsequent treatments.

DURATION: 25 my.

BODY MASSAGE TO SPICES After a smoothing exfoliation with Dead Sea Salt enriched with spices, runs a full body massage. The combined action of various essential oils, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and myrrh, held a warming and invigorating. Lessening of muscular tension and helping to find the energy. Ideal for harmonizing body and spirit.

DURATION: 50 my.

Total duration of the package: 75 my.
Cost of the package: € 95,00


ILLUMINATING MASK FOR FACIAL MASSAGE For thorough cleansing facial followed by a massage that relaxes the features. The treatment ends with the mask is appropriate for your skin type. Result: more light to the face.

DURATION: 25 my.

CANDLE RITUAL MASSAGE light, perfume, unique sweetness make this treatment consists of a massage is like a caress, light and delicate. A special candle first melts in the air spreads a sensual aroma, is then ready to be coated with a gentle massage. A total relaxation that penetrates the skin with shea butter blended with 3 different species to choose from depending on the desired: Aloe Vera for Rebalancing, Cocoa Butter for Velvety, Mango for Cuddling. Alchemy between matter, fire and movement of hands to express maximum emollient, to warm, to restore well-being that will remain long.

DURATION: 50 my.

Total duration of the package, divided into several appointments: 75 my.
Cost of the package: € 109,00


This series of treatments recommended for mature and tired skin, feeds, protects, relaxes facial erasing signs of fatigue, reshaping and firming in depth.

Facial cleansing beauty treatment is basic and serves to remove impurities from the skin surface and prepare the skin for subsequent treatments. DURATION: 50 my.

The unique formula Emulsion eyes and lips to Cloudberry reactivates the natural functioning of the lymphatic system by reducing fine lines, stretching the facial swelling and giving it to his lips. The massage of the operator product promotes effective and deep draining of fluid retention in the tissues under the eyes, from the first application thereby ensuring a clear reduction of bags and puffiness. In addition, reshaped the skin will appear more toned and compact. This treatment will restore to your look fresh and renewed brightness. DURATION: 25 my.

It is a powerful treatment for facial rejuvenation, effective and gentle at the same time. It helps to release energy and stress stuck in the face, in the head and facial muscles. Through the quick tap, percussive and rhythmic, stimulates the nervous system, improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, strengthens and tones muscles, stimulating the flow of energy in the face. Lifting the mask Solution, with its tightening effect visibly reduces expression lines. DURATION: 50 my.

SERUM ANTI-AGE’ THE Cloudberry to continue daily treatment Anti-Age.

Serum effective than compensates for the shortcomings of the epidermis, specifically designed to invigorate and revitalize mature skin and demanding. Accelerates cell renewal, stimulates the production of connective tissue, giving the skin elasticity and tone.

Total duration of the package, divided into several appointments: 125 my.
Cost of the package: € 199,00


MASK moisturizing facial massage
Hydrating mask and relaxing massage that restores the natural balance of the skin. DURATION: 25 my.

BACK TREATMENT HIMALAYAN ART-Reum Relieve tension in the muscle at the level of lumbar, Back and neck pain, stiffness and damping. It consists of: osmotic hot mud and massage along the spinal synergy with arnica and balm.

DURATION: 50 my.

WHITE MUSK BODY MASSAGE Massage with hot oil White Musk, brings a sense of daring and safety. Both stimulating and relaxing effect.

DURATION: 50 my.

Total duration of the package, divided into several appointments: 125 my.
Cost of the package: € 145,00

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