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“28 July, Sonia” Femia by john 21 April 20 May 2012 Castiglione Olona (Go) | Traveling Easy
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“28 July, Sonia” Femia by john 21 April 20 May 2012 Castiglione Olona (Go) | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 19 April, 2012 9:00

from 21 April 20 May 2012 Civic Museums of Castiglione Olona, Palazzo Branda Castiglioni [MAP] Museo Arte Plastica, will host the exhibition and workshop "July 28, Sonia” of John Femia, promoted by 'Department of Culture of the Municipality of Castiglione Olona and curated by the art historian Rolando Bellini.

The exhibition includes a nucleus works implemented over the last two years, result of many trips taken by John around the world, particularly in Australia and the United States, and a second Instead of paintings dedicated to Castiglione Olona, its city of origin, with a more knowledgeable and thorough reading of the spaces familiar to him.

Ongoing research and the desire to discover new cultural and social propel this young painter to move and move constantly from place to place, moving from big cities like New York, Melbourne and Paris really small but full of history and of creativity as Castiglione Olona. It is this curiosity has led in the years to refine his design language, to consolidate a self-taught technique that transforms, between the assessments of critical, in a distinctive and autonomous artistic touch.

Thus proof of the increasing commitments, John in the coming months will be present in two other prestigious events with similar works to those dedicated to space Castiglione;between April and May will be the Ward – Nasse Gallery di New York with the Show "contact New York" edited by Flory Menezes & Leda Maria Prado and, in collaboration with the Gallery M of Vienna, participate in the International Fair of Contemporary Art Beijing, “Art Beijing 2012”. 

The works on display in Castiglione Olona are inserted in the paths of the two exhibition civic museums, in close synergy with the fifteenth-century areas and the collections preserved. The link with the past stands in the paintings inspired by the frescoes of Masolino Panipat, Lorenzo di Pietro and Paolo Schiavo said Oldie and monuments, ancient testimony of the project "ideal town" of Cardinal Branda Castiglioni. The hand is felt in contemporary works dedicated to the MAP, Plastic Art Museum, which in two rooms, in harmony with the materials used, propel us in the development of art and the testing continues.

Femia's works so perfectly able to recreate these games and references to weave a web of correspondences artistic, the states'Head of Culture Stephen Uboldi, and thanks to their presence, for us and very proud of Castiglione, monuments and frescoes seem to repurchase new light, presenting to us with new details and details of custom and habit we might take for granted. With this event so we hope to bring even more art lovers and especially for imbuing Castiglione desire to deepen the knowledge of his territory with a greater spirit of belonging.

The exhibition, sponsored by the Lombardy Region - Education, Education and Culture, by the Province of Varese and the Agency for Tourism of the Province of Varese, will opened on Saturday 21 April 2012 all hours 18.00 the Civico Museo Branda Castiglioni.

"July 28, Sonia”

shows – Laboratory of John Femia

by Rolando Bellini

from 21 April 20 May 2012

Civico Museo Branda Castiglioni (Piazza Garibaldi) Plastic Art Museum and MAP (Via Roma, 29)

21043 Castiglione Olona (Go)


Tuesday-Saturday 9.00/12.00 and 15.00/18.00

Sunday 10.30/12.30 and 15.00/18.00


whole 3,00 €

reduced 2,00 €

Cultural Office of the City of Castiglione Olona: Tel. 0331 858301



Biographical notes

John Femia, born in 1982 to Tradate, achieved technical maturity passes the next two years at an office where he explores the use of computers and programs for technical and graphic design and photography.

In later years he painted and exhibited very freely to each event can; Meanwhile in Europe turns knowing and comparing them with the various cultures.

in 2006 became part of several theater companies with whom we staged comedies, also designing and creating the sets of the same.

E’ author of many texts and unpublished short stories.

in 2010 moved to Australia, currently paints and collaborates with galleries in Italy, Australia, France ed Use.