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shows the province of Varese | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 24 April, 2012

will be opened Saturday 28 April, all 17.00, multipurpose space at the public library in Port Ceresio, The two-person Carlo Bruno Beccaria and Proverb, open until 6 May.

The exhibition, focused on two seemingly distant research style, intends to bring to the attention of the viewer differences, but also the similarities,which characterize the artistic nature as they elect their primary source of inspiration.

Art is a mediator and reconciler of man and nature; So is the power of humanizing nature, to inspire thoughts, passions and feelings in all that is the object of contemplation. Understood not as a mere object of observation, but as a reflection of the transcendent reality, Nature takes the value of an inner space, subjectively to be investigated. Talking of Nature, Today, seems to imply something anachronistic, to overcome, of forgotten; yet it is our living space and then the amount to which, instinctively, turn our attention.

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