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THE DECK OF PAVIA | Traveling Easy
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THE DECK OF PAVIA | Traveling Easy

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Written by Michela | 7 July, 2010 8:14

the Ticino through the city of PAVIA, is crossed by the Covered Bridge a Renaissance bridge divided in half by a church,has five arches and completely covered with two portals at the ends. The Bridge is dated 1351-1354, that was destroyed during the Second World War. A copy of the bridge was thenbuilt after the war not far from its original site and also a little’ larger for the ancient facilitate viability.

The bridge is still like a donkey the medieval, with hundreds of granite columns supporting the roof. ilCovered Bridge (also calledPonte Vecchio) is the symbol of Pavia and connects the historic city center (located on the left bank of the Ticino), with the picturesque district of Borgo Ticino.