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Bridge 25 April Toscano | Traveling Easy
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Bridge 25 April Toscano | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 13 April, 2012 9:00

firenze-320x213-7318489A roundup of exhibitions and art invests Tuscany already open-air museum and birthplace of the Renaissance.

If you do not know where to ferry your attention, we give good reasons to think of a Bridge 25 April in Tuscany, art speaks for itself and, if supported by exhibitions and interesting, salt "appetite" art and the desire to be there.

Arezzo, until 1 May, at the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art on display are the major artists of the twentieth century, De Chirico to Guttuso, by Marini to Morandi, Pirandello, Soft, Rosai, Savinio and other.

A Palazzo Binelli, Carrara, if you have "After Canova On. L'800 to Carrara. The Academy and its teachers”, an exhibition that aims to give due consideration to the sculptural tradition of the Carrara, Ideally the school founded by Antonio Canova. A fascinating journey to discover the various trends that have shaped the nineteenth century sculpture.

In Florence in Galleria degli Uffizi, by 20 March 3 June, There will be a rich display of tapestries entitled "Epiphanies of fabrics”, the intent is to familiarize the public sector a valuable collection of the Gallery.

Also in Florence exhibition areas of the State in an exhibition entitled "The structure of dreams. Paintings and lithographs by Lily Salvo”, more than thirty paintings lithographs that shape the images that live in dreams, in symbols.

at Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina (Palazzo Strozzi), from 8 March until 15 July, sports "American Dreamers”, mixed reality to imagination of contemporary American, a reflection on the work of artists who employ the imagination and the dream to create subordinate to the real worlds increasingly complex and difficult.

a Festa del 25 April accompanied by art and national history is a good answer to commemorate this holiday.