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initiatives for children | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 12 July, 2011

Has been repeated for years, yet every time picks always great number of visitors, Bat-night organized by the Botanical Garden of Oropa. so that, in 2011, International Year of the Bat, thanks to a collaboration with Nature Reserve Park Burcina, appointments, and even doubles, after the first in Burcina (where not only were heard, but also seen!), fans, or just curious, will make a second meeting with the “rate vuloire” of Biella.

In Bats do not enjoy good reputation among the people. Although few can claim to have seen a bat up close, Many imagine if as a winged monster, ready to bite anyone who approaches. yet, those lucky enough to see it or even episodic knowledge, discover an incredible universe. While until a few years ago we took care only of their systematic cataloging and their ecology, now becomes increasingly important to address also their conservation.

in fact, bats are not doing very well: in recent years there has been constantly, both in Italy and the rest of Europe, the disappearance of many of their colonies and a general decline in their populations.
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