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Treat yourself with wellness spa | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 13 June, 2011 8:30

Summer at the spa? It is not just an option for people of a certain age or who need care but a new trend in agreement that puts more and more generations, becoming a new lifestyle. - The free online hotel booking for more than 210 thousand hotels around the world - reinterprets philosophy of welfare suggesting some of the most popular spa towns of’estate 2011

The Italian spa resorts are undergoing a revival and renewal that goes hand in hand with the evolution of the contemporary lifestyle. In fact, the hectic and often stressful work and life in the city mean that summer holiday is not only an opportunity but also a period of relaxation for body and soul, necessary to survive and be ready to face the best return in the jungle everyday.

For those who want to devote at least part of the holiday to their wellbeing, L’Italy is the ideal place, offering rich and varied, able to reinterpret the contemporary philosophy of "Salus per aquam", designed for the first time since the ancient Romans. Suitable for families, both singles and couples of all ages and interests, proposes suggestions for a summer vacation at the spa can satisfy all tastes.

From north to south Italy, start with Sirmione, a jewel overlooking the Lake Garda, as Grand Hotel Terme Sirmione, whose most intense suggestions emerge from ancient, thanks to the memorable lines of the poet Catullo that came from these places. A place where past and present, relaxation and movement, contemplation and vitality live together in harmony and you can move easily from one visit to Rocca Scaligera overlooking the lake, the most extreme water sports. Its spas are particularly well equipped for the recovery of optimal physical condition and also offer activities like the most delicious underwater massage

Moving towards the Veneto, recommend a stop in Abano Terme, among the oldest spas, which together constitute the Montegrotto largest spa in Europe specializzata in fango-balneo-terapia. Its waters pass into the ground at extreme depths and come out at a temperature of 87 ° C, bringing with them their curative. Abano has embraced the philosophy of welfare, demographic structure specialized in all aspects of personal care and beauty farm, like’Hotel Abano Ritz Spa and Wellness. 

Those who prefer a more vibrant life can practice Golf three in nearby fields or to venture to the Euganean Cycling, maybe some risk of losing path Gourmet. The place is also ideal for a visit to nearby Padua and Venice.

Going into the heart of Tuscany we find the pearl of Italian Spas, Montecatini, close to the pretty town of Pistoia and Florence. Montecatini, with its many spa facilities are perfectly integrated into the urban environment, is entirely built around the spa. The Baths, SPA and cozy hotels, like’Hotel Montebello, alternate in a triumph of Liberty parks and formal gardens that lead in an atmosphere of times past.

The charm of the place finds its highest expression in the famous spa "Canopy”, the temple of the European spa. Thanks to the variety of its facilities here you can find the full range of spa services with a focus on wellness and beauty, thanks to the Health Centre and the Centre Eudermic. Each of the hotel is also well equipped to offer every guest the most appropriate diet

Further south, Fiuggi is one of the most important in Italy for hydrotherapy treatments, result of a recent revival, which is reflected in hotels like the forefront Silva Hotel Splendid Spa & Congress. Fiuggi waters are especially known for Purification capacity, able to treat various diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, and for detoxification treatments. This modern spa includes the Fonte Bonifacio VIII immersed in lush parkland and the Source Anticolana, near which you can find many sports or their favorite leisure. Of note the many events organized in the summer to enliven the evenings of holiday.

Far from being just a place of care, spas have evolved with the Italian lifestyle, enriched with different facets: are places of health and wellness, Sports, of meetings and leisure, living alone or to regenerate the whole family, and thanks to the many offers and proposals affordable all budgets.