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RED BULL TOURBUS | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 30 June, 2011 7:15

It 's all ready on the Lake Garda to create a touring musical show unprecedented: The Red Bull Tourbus is gearing up, to give six stages of pure fun, between Rock and quality music.

A program, that proposed by Red Bull Tourbus, that fits between the full missed appointments of Calendar of events organized and supported by the new association "Lakegarda all year”, container / amplifier that relies entirely on promotion and enhancement of Benaco.

a very Italian Fiat 309 of 1963, entirely restored created a fantastic and rebuilt stage crews, that moves among the beautiful scenery around Lake Garda, evenings to give a true Rock.

The history of stage crews exceptional has as its main ingredient the creativity: after serving as coach until the '80s and later for training drivers, Today, completely transformed by Andymusician Bluvertigo and pop artist, half became completely dedicated to young rock musicians Italian and international. 

Red Bull Tourbus, a unique project: a means of moving, a stage to perform, a sound system ready for live.

The evening will start, Tuesday 28 June, will have as a frame Limone sul Garda, Where, on the special bus, parked in the square for the occasion Erminia, The band will perform Top.

Just enough time to leave and it's new show:

-         Thursday 30 June, a Cavajon Veronese (water park parking Riovalli, Loc. Was) will be featuring the band's music So I;  

-         Wednesday 6 July, a Nago - Torbole (Loc. Conca d'Oro, on Lakefront)will rock the young and fresh Bastard Sons of Dioniso to warm up the crowd;

-         Thursday 7 July will Gargnano (Loc. Bogliaco) as a backdrop to the music by the band Lombroso;

-         Thursday 14 July, a Fishpond (Piazza d'Armi, or yard soccer field), explode all over the rock of engaging Velvet.

The Red Bull Tourbus concludes really great, The 15 July, With the concert the band I Dari, In Gulf of Garda, where to make the scenography will be the Bright Lights of Lake. For the final evening, the stage of the itinerant TourBus, rise to a Ferry Navigarda that will take him to the center of the lake for a crazy night of rock music and exclusive.

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