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In Trentino, Christmas for children in the village of Rank | Traveling Easy
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In Trentino, Christmas for children in the village of Rank | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 1 December, 2010 8:00

In the magical setting of the Christmas markets, The 12 December, the village of Rank, Trentino jewel among "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy", becomes one day toyland, to the delight of young and old. 

In the old village of Rank, carved into the mountain, behind Lake Garda and the Dolomites of Brenta, in December will raise the curtain on the Christmas lights twinkling lights and disseminate new warmth between the lanes, in the faces and in the squares of this small rural village, jewel of architecture and atmosphere of bygone days. Here, revives the suggestion of Christmas markets.the 5, 6, 8, 12 and 19 December between light, festive colors and scents, in old farm houses are crowded stalls full of food and wine and local crafts.

by popular demand, Then, The 12 Back in December a special "Christmas Children".

The village is transformed into a land of fable and fantasy. Along the streets populated by clowns, Musicians, Jugglers, acrobats and singers comes also Santa Lucia with his faithful donkey, Ready doni and a distribuire dolciumi.. A tradition that thirty Rank is renewed each year to the delight of all the children.

The Christmas Child opens with the extraordinary initiative "100 red balloons for the children of the world”, in collaboration with Save the Childeren, campaign in support of Every One, to say NO to maternal and infant mortality. Together, the children launch into heaven 100 red balloons symbol of life, to ask everyone to do something to save the lives of children worldwide. For this it will also set up a special Christmas tree where every child can hang your little thought for the other children, for a very different Christmas.

The party then it comes alive as a real Toyland. The most picturesque corners of the village, festively lit along the streets, children and adults can meet jugglers, Acrobats, dancers, acrobats, musicians and singers, but Monsieur and Madame who courted for a "basin d'amour" and Stracchettino, descendant of the ancient minstrels of fortune. One Sunday fun and excitement that will end with the appointment Luci d'inverno, a fabulous display of fireworks, lights and dance.

For the occasion, also returns to the Locanda dei Bambini. Children in the village open again their personal and particular "inn" managed independently from small local, where to warm up with a good hot drink.

To stay you can book what Special package "The markets in the villages", with rates From 120 € for 2 nights in a hotel with full board. Reductions for children.




The 12 WIRE TO RANK!  

pm 14.30

100 red balloons for the children of the world

initiative in collaboration with Save the Children, Every country in support of the One against maternal and infant mortality


the streets and squares of the village jugglers, acrobats and dancers

Mr e Mrs per a basin of love

between fire, drums and accordions

Stracchettino, descendant of the ancient minstrels of fortune

juggler, acrobat, barker, marionettista, ... musician struggling with the new Apprentices Jesters

hours 16.30

Arriva Saint Lucia

riding his faithful donkey to bring the children gifts and sweets

hours 17.30

Luci d'inverno

great final show of dance and fire

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