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Mountain Russian prime Alate in Italia, the big news 2011 Gardaland! | Traveling Easy
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Mountain Russian prime Alate in Italia, the big news 2011 Gardaland! | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 18 February, 2011 9:30

After having revealed the name of a month ago, Gardaland now reveal the unique characteristics of RAPTOR. It turns out spectacular and breathtaking atmosphere, technique with the immensity of the route, make these Mountain Russian Unichi in Italia!

the history tells of a ruthless predator, a strange winged creature, awakened from sleep in the basement of his old Big Ben in the works for the construction of New Rollercoaster, began to ravage the earth in revenge for the human affront. E 'fierce, ruthless, enormous, fast, powerful, invincible… Anyone who kidnaps try to tame it by dragging it to a flight through extreme huge forests and arid lands devastated. To make the experience even more extreme, a long series of avoided obstacles Only last minute.

The departure of RAPTOR is inspired by a government laboratory research in industrial-style, placed underground. The entire route runs in an environment ravaged by fierce winged creature, in a surreal, in a barren and deserted landscape with marshy areas, forests destroyed, felled trees and rocks.

The convoy represents the unknown predator winged; the monstrous creature that kidnaps the fearless, heedless of the most severe warnings, defy. Abducted and dragged into a terrifying flight mercilessly and thrown through devastated lands will be spared only to tell their experience to other.

The train, in fact, consists of a series of side-facing seats suspended in midair on the wings of the creature. The Brave guests will experience a true feeling of well extreme flight that will soon become "thrilling" thanks to a series of obstacles which will have an impression of fall and, instead, will rise to almost along the path to a breathtaking speed and avoid the last minute only!

The Flight of terrible winged creature is unknown, in fact, littered with ruins as a lookout tower about to fall, a tree split in half, a bridge with guardrails ..., remains of the indomitable fury RAPTOR. The wild ride continues in an extraordinary effect of fog and nearly pillars, in some places, become real obstacles to the path.

The theming Raptor was designed and developed by the creative team at Merlin Studios in London is usually compare with the needs of all the amusement parks of the Merlin Entertainments Group. Involved in the early planning stages of attraction, The team has worked closely with managers of Gardaland.

A truly spectacular to the world RAPTOR, can transform the most impressive and extreme Winged Rollercoaster of Italy - made by the best and most qualified producer of "roller coaster" (that rollercoaster), the Swiss company B&M (Bolliger & Mabillard Inc.) – in an attraction that will be the first and only of its kind in Italy.

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