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Gardaland 2011: completed the layout of the new roller coaster! | Traveling Easy
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Gardaland 2011: completed the layout of the new roller coaster! | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 31 December, 2010 9:30

Despite the prohibitive weather conditions (Snow, ice and rain) Gardaland decision to proceed with the completion of the new big attraction 2011. During the holiday season has been completed the route of imposing Russian mountain known that the Amusement Park will present the opening of the new season. Already as of now you can admire the majesty of the steel structure to reach completion by the British company Hopkinson – company that specializes in this type of assembly – in record time, in just 60 days!

over 10.000 bolts were tightened to hold together the columns and 76 tracks where two mysterious scroll soon as futuristic and huge trains.
The last section of the track - along approximately 10 meters and weight of 9.600 Kg. - after being duly prepared and made safe by qualified personnel – instructed to closely monitor all stages of the final steps of installation – was signed with a permanent marker and accompanied by towering flag Gardaland Park. The delicate final phase was followed and supervised, with bated breath, by all the workers present and the Local Project Manager.

In less than 40 minutes the operation was finally completed raising; the last missing piece to complete of the 'fast loop' along well 770 m – was added, with millimeter accuracy, with the help of a crane, proof of the perfection of design that distinguishes these complex structures as curious for fun "format adrenaline".

The path, which will extend over an area of 16 thousand square meters, promises speed thrills with two points on the edge of 90 km / h: will be faster then the attraction of the Park. Thanks to a fall from well 33 meters – compared to the Rio Bravo Resort – and an inclination of 65 °, the rapid descent will bring a marked acceleration in the overall weight of each train, laden, distributed 84 wheels, will be higher 18.000 Kg. Added to this is the system of lifts that reach maximum height of 30 meters from the departure station with an inclination of 40 ° from the ground; We are well 3 inversions – “twists upside down ", 90 ° bends and a series of exciting and special "escamotages" technicians from literally leave you breathless.

The first days of January will be devoted to the installation of mechanical and electrical installations as well as scenic. After only 5 months after the official work, a Gardaland everything goes according to plan leading to the opening of a memorable season with a great icon of entertainment full of adrenaline, speed and suspense.