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A Gardaland leave the selections to try the new roller coaster | Traveling Easy
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A Gardaland leave the selections to try the new roller coaster | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 26 November, 2010 8:50

Ben starts the selection of 26 lucky daredevils who will prepare the most impressive and extreme roller coasters ever built in Italy!!

The next 1April, the inauguration of the new season 2011, 26 lucky daredevils will play on the first train that will run the most impressive and extreme roller coasters ever built in Italy! The train will wind up a path 800 meters for a total surface area of 16 thousand square meters, reach 30 meters high with three "flip upside down", 90 ° bends and a series of exciting and unpredictable "escamotages" technicians to leave you breathless ... literally

The lucky daredevils will be chosen at different times and in different ways.

Anyone who wants to participate in the first selection round will be at the Park The next 7 December during Gardaland Magic Winter; the unique recruitment will be through a series of ordeals, both physical and psychological.

It is said that the work relating to the construction site we have somehow disturbed the sleep of a thousand-year mystery creature from the ancient underground waking hibernation. Reactivation of vital functions has incredibly changed the environmental parameters of the whole area: temperature, magnetism, mysterious coincidence ... The Park has convened a team of scientists tasked with investigating the strange phenomena involving, with interesting technical measurements, even the unsuspecting guests arrived at the famous amusement park. The first tests have confirmed the presence of a strange entity that, end dall'inizio, seemed not at all tame; its structure changes genetically with great violence and so sudden as the danger seems to loom over the entire area. The group of 26 daredevils will ideally part of an important "task force" that will challenge the mysterious beast!

To offer its willingness to participate in the selection and will need to register on the site and present all 12 exact 7 December at the "Shelter X-lab located near the designated area for the new attraction. To test their courage, willingness to take effective, Candidates will undergo a test "practice" which will consist in addressing some "adrenaline" attractions at Gardaland; Then, to complete the profile, breeders will offer a rigorous and demanding series of aptitude tests which will be chosen at the end of the three best elements. The result of the selection will be notified via e-mail.

From this first selection will arise 3 daredevils who - along with other 23 - April 1 2011 tested for the first challenging new adrenaline, while, the uncontrollable beast to try to tame it and reject it in its original home.

20 daredevils will be selected, early next year, through a very particular and demanding that involve Advergame Internet surfers from all over Italy with two different modes at different skill levels.

The remaining 3 will be recruited during daring tests organized in several Italian cities; when faced with constant and close engagement prepare properly to fight the mysterious beast has become strange, now, unusual symbol of a great new.

Meanwhile, a Gardaland, the site of the new attraction 2011, was recently installed as A third unexpected figure within the path: this is a new reverse 360 builds, really capable of running the head to even the most reckless ... The giant steel construction begins to be visible from the perimeter of the park and many passers-by crowd to try to understand what is actually happening ... New Rollercoaster promise really extreme emotions!

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