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Grotta Azzurra Palinuro | Traveling Easy
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Grotta Azzurra Palinuro | Traveling Easy

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Written by Michela | 9 July, 2010 7:51

Palinuro is one of the main tourist resort Campaign. Its pristine coastline offers the visitor beautiful stretches of beach and many creeks, hidden coves and sea caves. Proprio grazie alle bellissime grotte marine, representing a great attraction for many tourists, fano is that in Palinuro each summer many people come to visit. Among the many cavesToday we speak of Grotta Azzurra.

the Grotta Azzurra cavity is the best known of Capo Palinuro and is flooded with light blue iridescent,Doing all that is reflected in the cave itself by creating glare and light that fascinate and amaze visitors.

the Cave is divided into 2 share: Una emerged that can be visited by boats and a submerged that develops into a long tunnel. The name of the Blue Grotto and then comes the peculiar color of the water.

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