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tourism in Umbria | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 11 June, 2011

Always been involved in nutrition and nutrition with health benefits, Danone, world leader in the production and marketing of fresh yogurt and other milk products (Actimel, Activia, Danacol, Danaos, Danette, Danito and Vitasnella, Danone), infant nutrition (Mellin) and clinical nutrition (Nutricia SpA), has chosen to bind to the region Umbria, and in particular the structures of the consortium Umbriabenessere, for a national operation that promotes psychological well-being in all its forms: Healthy eating, environment and landscape, entertainment and physical activities in nature, relax e beauty farm , the main ingredients of the "style Umbria."

The first major promotional campaign, born of the partnership between the French and the first multinational consortium dedicated to the welfare of Umbria, is related to trademarks and Vitasnella Licy and will take place Dall'11 the 30 June than in 600 of retail outlets (Large Scale Distribution): through in-store operations and hostess, brochures and other illustrative material and information, The 26 Umbriabenessere facilities belonging to the consortium will be promoted among consumers, with particular reference to those of central and northern Italy. In addition, all those who participate in the competition Vitasnella take part extract 50 Wellness weekend in the green heart of Italy, in one of the structures of the Consortium Umbriabenessere.

The choice of Danone is a great recognition for Umbriabenessere, Umbro consortium dedicated to the welfare, who was born in 2007 with the innovative feature of the "club of the product" with the objective of promoting the national and international markets plus points on an integrated offering that combined well with the concept of good living. Not only the welfare of beauty treatments and spa, then, but the food culture of quality and a highly enjoyable and soothing natural environment.

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