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On holiday with a famous: Italians prefer Fiorello. although… CS Toprural | Traveling Easy
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On holiday with a famous: Italians prefer Fiorello. although… CS Toprural | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 16 December, 2010 8:30

The Sicilian showman, the Littizzetto, Raoul Bova and Canalis atop the overall standings.

Different choices of Italian and Italian: both favor the sympathy, even if he tends to beauty.

December 2010. Fiorello is a public figure preferred by the Italians to spend a vacation in a green farm. So said the results "Radiography of the rural tourist 2010 - Italy"Market study by Toprural ( in collaboration with the independent statistical analysis Polls, on a sample of 1.006 representative interviews.

Here are the famous Sicilian-man show Luciana Littizzetto, humorist and television personality, Raoul Bova, icon of beauty for the female gender and Elisabetta Canalis, and tissue ex-girlfriend of George Clooney.

Women's choices: beauty but also sympathy. The choice of women falls primarily on Raoul Bova, detective famous for his roles in The Octopus, and Captain Last and very active in volunteer work. The actor originally from Roccella Jonica is the choice of 15% Women. In the second position and the 13% preferences are Fiorello, The popular showman Sicilian.

Third place, with 12% choices, the Piedmont Luciana Littizzetto, popular comedian actress and writer, winner in 2007 the prestigious Prix De Sica, high recognition to the professionalism.

Detached from the first 3, with 5% Preferences, we find another beautiful Italian theater and cinema, Alessandro Gassman, son of Art and winner of the 2008 the David di Donatello for his performance in "Quiet Chaos"The 2007.

The man on holiday with Elisabetta Canalis, Michelle Hunziker, Monica Bellucci and Fiorello. The choices seem to favor the man's beauty, some of which Italy is rich. The first choice, with 13% Preferences, falls on Elisabetta Canalis, known throughout the world with his relationship with George Clooney. In second place (preferred 10% of Italians) are Michelle Hunziker, conductive, Swiss / Italian actress and model and former wife of Eros Ramazzotti. Germany currently leads the German version of the format "I bet that…?”.

In third place, with 10% votes Monica Bellucci, actress and model of Citta di Castello. Actress international,by 1999 is married to French actor Vincent Cassel and lives in France. In fourth position, the omnipresent Fiorello, VIP only shared by the two sexes in the first four positions of the two classifications.

The complete table

  TOTAL Law him
1 Fiorello (9%) R. Bova (15%) E. Canalis (13%)
2 Luciana Littizzetto (8%) Fiorello (13%) M. Hunziker (10%)
3 Raoul Bova (8%) L. Littizzetto (12%) M. Bellucci (8%)
4 Elisabetta Canalis (7%) A. Gassman (5%) Fiorello (6%)
5 Michelle Hunziker (6%) R. Benigni (5%) R. Benigni (6%)
6 Roberto Benigni (5%) S. Dandini (4%) ID'Amico (5%)
7 Monica Bellucci (4%) V. Rossi (4%) L. Littizzetto (4%)
8 Alessandro Gassman (3%) Laura Pausini (3%) L. Chiatti (4%)
9 Ilaria D'Amico (3%) M.Hack (3%) L. Pausini (2%)
10 Serena Dandini (3%) N. Vendola (3%) Benedict XVI (2%)

Curiosity: never be with those who like the other sex.

Interesting the difference in rating between the most desired by men and women, going to look around in the opposite sex.

Canalis, Hunziker and Bellucci, the most loved by Italians, receive the 0% the 2% and 0% Raoul Bova and likings of women and Gassman, women in top positions in the ranking,receiving 1% and 0% rating of the male.

The X-ray of rural tourism 2010 - Italy

Prior market research in Italy to investigate the demand for rural tourism, The study was conducted in September 2010 with the help of the Spanish market analysis sondeo. Were collected and analyzed more than 3.000 interviewing a representative sample of the population of France, Spain and Italy.


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