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Sunday ‘MONTECITORIO A OPEN’ | Traveling Easy
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Sunday ‘MONTECITORIO A OPEN’ | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 12 February, 2011 0:15

Sunday 13 February, back Deputies Open House”, the initiative of Chamber of Deputies providing open to public visits the Palace, once a month, all day. Access will’ can by 10 all 18. In Piazza Montecitorio e alle 11, be held’ The concert Band of the Navy.

To participate in the visits to Deputies and’ sufficient to present the main entrance of the Palace at the time shown.

The Visit, Guided and group, runs along a historical and artistic itinerary which includes, among other: the House, with the panels of the frieze that decorates the chamber Sartorio illustrating the epic events of the Italian people and recently restored; the curtain, impressive Art Nouveau about 800 square feet in oak casks, stained glass and iron; The Transatlantic, lounge owes its name to the lighting fixture, characteristic of ocean liners; The Corridor and busts of some of the most’ beautiful boardrooms, which the Sala della Lupa and Hall Aldo Moro.

Visitors – the statement concludes, can also visit, In Sala della Regina, The exhibition ”Cesare Beccaria – Civilization’ rights”.