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MSC Cruises TTG MEETINGS presents the news of the fall season 2011/2012 | Traveling Easy
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MSC Cruises TTG MEETINGS presents the news of the fall season 2011/2012 | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 10 October, 2011 9:00

msc-crociere-7638301Even this year, MSC Cruises confirms its presence at the TTG Incontri Rimini, the most important exhibition dedicated to the business to business tourism sector.

With a stand of 100 mq, MSC Cruises welcomes those among professionals and practitioners who wish to live at the trade fair participation and sharing of many innovations that the company presented for the occasion, but also as an opportunity for professional intermediaries to promote the encounter between supply and demand.

The TTG is the ideal context for MSC Cruises in order to promote the new season, but this year we want to launch another important message " stresses Leonardo Massa, Country Manager Italy Market MSC Cruises. "In recent years consumer habits have changed significantly: The Web is now the first news channel in the choice of a holiday. In this context MSC Cruises confirms the travel agency distribution channel as the only, but reward and encourage those, through proactive initiatives, able to cope with ongoing change and create a new business model capable of generating new traffic”. 

The 26 May 2012 will be launched, Marseille, MSC Divine, named in honor of Sophia Loren, the third ship of the class of MSC Fantasia. With a new programming, supported by technical and stylistic innovations, Goddess of the Sea, twelfth of the fleet units, brings important objectives of an increase for next season: are 1,5 million passengers to which route MSC Cruises for 2012.

Always attentive and readily responsive to emerging, especially in view of constant updating, MSC Cruises this year has extended its exclusive supply routes and proposing new itineraries.

MSC Cruises chooses the charm of MEDITERRANEAN SEA also in winter to accommodate the growing number of passengers who like to live and explore the warmth accorded to the shores of the Mediterranean, even during the coldest. does so by deploying 3 of his ship MSC Splendida, MSC Fantasia and MSC Magnifica in an original draft trails to discover the most beautiful resorts of the western and eastern Mediterranean coasts. Already confirmed in the summer program, The stopover in Tunis Winter will also be provided as a step, from December 2011 in March 2012 onboard MSC Splendida.

In a market increasingly sensitive to luxury tourism, MSC Cruises offers passengers the most demanding new itineraries to discover the wonders of Abu Dhabi is Dubai. MSC Crocieresbarca, in fact, United Arab Emirates with a new luxury destination: will do in the winter 2011/2012 on MSC Lirica,its elegant unitàimpegnata in fascinating itineraries 8 giorni e 7 nights to discover the pearl of the Persian Gulf. Positioning cruises are also scheduled two: one of 17 giorni e 16 nights departing from Genoa 14 October and directed to Abu Dhabi, with intermediate stages in Greece, Egitto, Giordania, Oman. The other back in the Old Continent, of 23 giorni e 22 nigdays and way from Abu Dhabi on 11 March, arriving in Hamburg, Germany. During the trip MSC Opera will visit Oman, Giordania, Egitto, SJordantugalEgyptnited Kingdom.

In the summer of 2012, MSC Cruises will deploy for the first time 4 ships of the fleet between delNord waters in Europe: compass pointing toward the top of the continent for MSC Magnifica, MSC Poesia, MSC Lirica and MSC Opera. MSC Opera and MSC Poesia, after the huge public success in obtained 2011, again next year from April to September will re different fascinating routes along the Atlantic coast and the Baltic capitals of the Old Continent.

Debut at the North instead for MSC Magnifica which comes with itineraries 15 days and 14 nights between the Norwegian Fjords to the North Cape and Svalbard.

Routes unpublished for MSC Lirica, from April to October, will go towards the distant Iceland, Fjords in searching the island on a journey of 12 days and 11 nights, then become the protagonist in the waters of the Celtic culture and Anglo-Saxon proposing interesting new routes between England, Ireland and Scotland.

All’inedita, as differentiated, program proposal for next year, MSC Cruises combines an equally valid segmentation and personalization of commercial, to ensure a holiday style fits any type of target on board.

Friends E all inclusive are 2 new targets presented, should therefore be added to that 5 the previous season: Families, Young, Single, Senior and Couples.

Beverage Packages, Special Moments, Welcome Gifts, Ceremonies on board E relaxation packages all fall in the range of new extras offer MSC Cruises, conveniently purchased, before leaving, directly at your travel agency, designed to give a holiday of comfort and convenience, in the increasingly high sophistication of the services offered.