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MSC CRUISES INTRODUCES THE BIG BROTHER Cruise on MSC Fantasia, the casting for the next edition of the format: Starting in July from Civitavecchia 4 protagonists GF 11 | Traveling Easy
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MSC CRUISES INTRODUCES THE BIG BROTHER Cruise on MSC Fantasia, the casting for the next edition of the format: Starting in July from Civitavecchia 4 protagonists GF 11 | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 28 March, 2011 8:30

Start on 15 July, from the port of Civitavecchia, aboard MSC Fantasia, the Cruise Big Brother. The original initiative created by Television Travel, in collaboration with MSC Cruises and Endemol Italy, and promoted by the network and BravoNet HPVacanze, was presented this morning on board the flagship of the fleet in the port of Genoa.

The Cruise Big Brother, first experiment in this direction, depart from the airport of Lazio The 15 July (with also the opportunity to embark 14 July and from Messina 16 from Genoa in July) With a journey of 8 days and 7 nights in the Mediterranean touching France, Spain and Malta.

A week full of joy and fun in the company of four former gieffina and a unique opportunity, for all passengers, to participate in the casting for the next edition of Big Brother.
Endemol Italy, the first independent television production companies to operate in our country, realizes that the format of the 2000, ensure to all aspiring competitors one step more: between all participants in the casting board, in fact, will be chosen 10 fortunate to have access right to the next stage of auditions for the next edition of the television format seguitissimo.

To formalize the partnership between the partners and to present the cruise, Eleonora Costa, Responsabile Marketing and Digital Media Endemol Italia, Frederick Blacks Endemol Italy, Stephen Joseph Colicchio, di Television Travel, creators and organizers of the event, E Anna Castellani, Bravo Net Marketing responsabile, representing also HPVacanze, network of travel agents that the transaction complies with Bravo Net.
To do the honors, Federico Maccotta, Area Manager of Lombardia that MSC Cruises, Lounge in the beautiful setting of the unusual admiral of the fleet has presented to the guests one of the main protagonists of the current edition GF, Gwendolyn Tavassi, removed less than two weeks ago.

The press conference was an opportunity to present all the activities planned for guests on board.
Those who book their holiday in that week, in fact, will enjoy a full lineup of events in the company of former gieffina: fun cocktails poolside, discos, yoga and fitness, sports tournaments and performances in the theater, and even get off on a trip with the guys GF and visit some of the most beautiful cities affected by MSC Fantasia during his tour. More, afternoon sessions dedicated to casting and gadgets signed GF.

for Federico Maccotta, Area Manager Lombardia MSC Crociere, "Part of a project with great satisfaction for fans of a product of unquestionable success, that 11 years is able to capture the attention and curiosity of millions of Italians. It will be a unique opportunity for all Big Brother fans will have fun because for a whole week in the company of heroes on board a ship that offers all kinds of amazing fun and comfort, but groped above all to play for the chance to play the lead role the next edition of the most spied House of Italy ".

"The agreement with Television Travel and MSC Cruises Cruises to build the Big Brother shows the versatility of this reality that has been around the world and was seen by some three billion people",
explains Eleonora Costa, Marketing and Digital Media Endemol Italy. Big Brother telling the world born in the House and now, With this initiative, enters the microcosm particular cruise ship. This fun trip GF boys aboard a houseboat is a new communication channel to give more breath to a strong brand like Big Brother ".
“E’ with great satisfaction that I see the materialisation of an idea born during my trip and now has become, in effect, a great event”,
comments Joseph Colicchio, creator of the event and titotale Television Travel. “When I talked about it for the first time in Italy and Endemol MSC Cruises have welcomed the project with enthusiasm; from here, accession initiative circuit agencies Bravo Net and HP holidays and the beginning of an important collaboration. For Television Travel is an important goal which saw the agency engaged in the production of not only an event but a real project marketing and communications that unites the world of travel to the television.”

Anna Castellani
, Marketing manager at Bravo Net, finally "The cruise will be sold exclusively in Big Brother over 1.350 travel agencies that are part of the Bravo Network and HPVacanze Net and found throughout the Italian. For reservation management, We organized a dedicated booking now available to our agencies. in fact, for this cruise, Bravo Net HPVacanze arise just as the channel reservation in stores all over Italy.

MSC Fantasia
, hosting the event, together with her sister ship MSC Splendida,is the first ship to offer an exclusive VIP area – MSC Yacht Club- With 99 spacious suites, bar, solarium, 2 Jacuzzis, 1 piscina skydome, the observation lounge living area with private bar, concierge and panoramic views towards the bow of the ship. A masterpiece of Italian style, perfect mix of high technology, elegance and exclusive services, MSC Fantasia is characterized by a very nice: for the first time on a cruise ship you can walk on a Swarovski crystal surface and live the magic of navigation by observing the starry sky through the ceiling totally transparent.