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Amaro Averna ON TOUR WITH NEGRAMARO | Traveling Easy
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Amaro Averna ON TOUR WITH NEGRAMARO | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 19 September, 2011 7:30

averna_bottiglia-320x422-6162060from 4 October 20 November Amaro Averna will accompany the band Negramaro As official sponsor of the tour "home 69"Throughout the boot: 21 date per 11 stages with music and fun! Amaro Averna, always linked to music, could not miss this important event that links young people to what is now the most important Italian band.

There are millions of fans who were waiting for this moment and, to make it even more special, Averna offers them the opportunity to meet Boys the band!

Averna fact launched the competition "Averna gives you Negramaro House 69 Tour”. To participate you must be of legal age and register at the site / Negramaro, where users must send a brief dedication to the Group. A sentence of fantasy, the song for a song, a thought or a wish to continue this long journey with music!

You can enter the competition until 28 October. At each stage of the Tour, plus a pair of tickets for the concert, in the city and the chosen date, the winners will have the opportunity to meet the band backstage and follow them until the end of the concert! 

A dream called Music ... a passing train and together we shall take, direction everywhere ... so wherever we are ...That's what Julian wrote to his fans. To toast this trip, will be organized tastings within the halls, obviously with the best cocktail recipes based Averna. 

Amaro Averna

Emblem of the bitter Italian and Sicilian in the world, Amaro Averna has become, for millions of people after the seal of the perfect meal and the best start of the evening,the taste of those times when you test the "full flavor of life." Made in Italy 100% and properties of the Group led by eponymous dynasty, of 140 Amaro Averna years embodies the values ​​of authenticity, of being able to live together and the Mediterranean.