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Jobs Strange but true …! reveals the strangest jobs carried out at hotels around the world | Traveling Easy
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Jobs Strange but true …! reveals the strangest jobs carried out at hotels around the world | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 25 January, 2011 9:00

You would have never imagined that there was someone paid to clean and make shiny coins moving in a hotel? And some involved in warm your bed just before you lie down there? These are just some of the strangest professions, Site leader in online hotel reservations, has "discovered" among the more than 130.000 structures on the site. Among oddities and revolutionary ideas, offers a journey the discovery of crafts the most bizarre and entertaining in which it might happen to come across during your vacation!

London - The human underblanket 

Slip into a nice warm bed, especially on cold winter nights, not only is nice, but can actually make sleep more restful and; for this in London 'sHoliday Inn Kensington Forum – 4 point has decided to offer its guests a truly exclusive service: underblanket human. Some people have taken away because the task, after wearing special thermal suits, of heat with the warmth of your body the beds of customers, saving them the unpleasant experience of "frozen sheets"!

San Francisco - Cleaner coins 

One of the most weird and ancient crafts took place in a hotel you can find all 'Hotel Westin St Francis – 4 point San Francisco: cleaner coin. The profession has its origins in 1935 when the hotel manager, seeing that the ladies were white gloves when handling dirty coins, decided that all the coins that were circulated in the hotel should be thoroughly washed. The tradition continues today, with an attendant who takes care of every day make more bright than ever, the dollars passing from hand to hand.

Jaipur - The drives out of pigeons 

When you are in a crowded square by pigeons do not resist the temptation to start running and fly them all? Then you are ideal candidates for the profession of "drives out of pigeons"! A Jaipur, in India, the courtyard of the Rambagh Palace – 5 point is always full of these birds, considered, but, bearers of good luck; why the hotel has hired two people in charge of them away without hurting them, to avoid soiling the courtyard of what was once the residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur.

Adairsville - In front madrina 

Have you always dreamed of having at your side before a date as an aide magical Fairy Godmother? The Barnsley Gardens Resort – 4 point, in Georgia, will make your dream a reality! Inside the hotel has been working a real Fairy Godmother, ready to make your every event special and memorable; carpets of rose petals, bottles of champagne and lots of romantic surprises are the magic wand that will transform your every day a new Valentine's Day.

London - The reader of bedtime stories 

When you are away from home, struggle to fall asleep and spent hours in bed to turn away? In London 'sAndaz Hotel – 5 point has the solution for you! For here you will find those who will read a great bedtime story, ideal for getting to sleep after a day of racing in the British Museum and Westminster Abbey. The reading last night often until dawn and sometimes they see the participation of famous writers or journalists; the only condition for hotel guests? Participate strictly in pajamas!

Memphis - The master of the ducks 

Even more than for its rich, luxurious and comfortable, The The Peabody Hotel – 4 point Memphis is famous worldwide for the show that takes place daily at 11 and 17; Having laid out the red carpet, the "master of the ducks" is assigned to accompany a group of these birds owned hotel in the fountain of the hotel and back to the shelter at night after the Ducks have spent the day before the eyes of guests. Only drawback of the profession? The cleaning of the fountain, every night, is a matter of "master"!

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