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5-7 December- S. Massenza (TN): turned back the magic of stills! | Traveling Easy
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5-7 December- S. Massenza (TN): turned back the magic of stills! | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 2 November, 2010 9:00

from 5 the 7 December A Santa Massenza an exhilarating journey in the birthplace of grappa thirty: tastings in historic distilleries and an original theater show traveling to discover secrets and charm of a centuries-old tradition. 

An appointment in which we relive the magic of the past, we celebrate the excellence of today and we toast to the future of eternal success.

This is the "night of heated stills"Of Santa Massenza (TN), a feast of tastes and evocative atmosphere From Saturday 5 to Monday 7 December invade the streets of the village Trentino, cradle of artisanal production of a grappa among the world's best loved.

Queen of festival the most precious treasure of Valle dei Laghi, beautiful area in the heart of the Dolomites just minutes from Trento, capital city, unbroken expanse of lakes, hills and lush vineyards from which it derives the grappa Local.

After the harvest The event celebrates the ancient rites immutatamente which for centuries has been preparing the liquor: three nights dedicated to all 'art of distillation with an original reenactment of yore, when distilled even at nightfall.

A journey undertaken in the form of itinerant theater – produced by Company Koinè - Of which the stage will be 5 historic distilleries Santa Massenza cha still handed down from father to son activity.

The path past and present of the cross family of distillers the country (thirteen years until the mid-eighties), telling scientific procedures and symbolic rituals accompanying the working with grappa until reaching a final result of delicious goodness.

Equipped with a radio with headphones, viewers will be guided along the paths to attend scene the physics of the still, A performance video where you can drink alcohol because it is virtual, A singing which distils the poem and sober Brindisi where grappa still has all the charm of its social function.

Tasting Theatre to which company will do much more tasty real samples: spicy flavors, floral or bitter herbs that once sipped testify without a shadow of doubt 'excellence of the local, whose absolute quality Certified internationally.

The warmth of copper stills tell the master distillers stories and legends that populated the picturesque village, where in this time of year the distillery fed day and night of pine wood boilers, full of resin suitable to generate a long flame that enveloped the crackling cauldron.

How the distiller to check the "cooked" waiting for the smell and the first drops of brandy, heartened by the long night visit to the nearby laboratories to exchange gossip, secrets and memories in silence.

The night of stills lit is a project organized by the Cultural Group "Santa Massenza, Nice little of Trent ", Councillor agriculture, Trade and Tourism of the Autonomous Province of Trento, with the collaboration of the APT Trento, Monte Bondone, Valle dei Laghi, City of Vezzano, Protection Institute Grappa del Trentino, Trentino SpA 


First show at 18:00 - Second show at 21:00

Free admission With reservations required within hours 12:00 the day of the event

Ability to transfer from Trento: at 17:30 (for the first show) and at 20:15 (for the second). Activated for a minimum of 10 people. Cost € 8 a / r, reservation is required within the hours 12:00

For reservations and information


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