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Trends of Tourism in Padua and Terme Euganee | Traveling Easy
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Trends of Tourism in Padua and Terme Euganee | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 15 July, 2011 8:43

Well - But caution is in order – the start of tourist season 2011 throughout the province of Padua + 5,25% of arrivals and + 3,91% admissions in the first five months.

L’ambito Spa-Hills is strongly characterized by the development of Euganee Thermal Basin in the first five months of the year recorded a + 4,09% of arrivals and + 2,09% Attendance. On the increase in arrivals and continues the positive impact of the Italian public that in Thermal Basin showed a + 5,57% of arrivals and + 3,67% attendance, confirming a trend already underway for several years. With regard to foreign + 1,31% arrivals and + 0,45% leave in attendance a glimpse of a slight recovery thanks to the French and the Swiss and the trend remains negative for Germany and Austria.
The constant reducing the average stay is another element that seems to confirm the trend in tourism market: Over the first five months of the year the average stay at the Spa, for Italian customers is 3 days while on the witness 6,10 days for the public to other nationalities.

With regard to the scope Padua, which includes the capital city and other municipalities of the Province (excluding the area spas-Hills Hills) it was found + 5,64% of arrivals and + 6,67% nelle presenze. The capital city records + 2.71% di arrivi e + 3,88 attendance and, after several years of positive trend in Italian, in these first five months there was a decrease (- 4,91% arrivals and - 1,02% nelle presein attendancereigners are recorded + 13,93% di arrivi e + 11,of arrivals andons, with German and French to lead the confirmation that Padua is also characterized by an increasingly cultural tourism and leisure than just the one approach or groups in Venice (India, United States, China)
Earlier in the year so in many other municipalities in the territory of Padua, a +13,28% in arrivals and a + 14,21% in attendance; positive signs for both Italians and foreigners.

For both major tourist areas of the province should underlined the growing complexities in the reading of tourist flows: arrivals and is always useful as an indicator, but to understand fully the development of the tourist economy is increasingly necessary to measure and evaluate factors such as the trade policies of individual structures and profitability of the entire tourism industry.

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