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The Certosa di Pavia | Traveling Easy
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The Certosa di Pavia | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 5 January, 2011 8:00

The first stone of this monumental monastic complex was placed The 27 August 1396 by Gian Galeazzo Visconti who was the Duke of Milan. The work was then continued and completed by his son, Giovanni Maria two centuries later. Worked on the More Milanese artists time: John Solari, Giunilforte Solari, Giovanni Antonio Amedeo.

The Charterhouse during the centuries passed hands several times: was initially inhabited by Carthusian monks, then by the Carmelites, and finally by the Cistercians of Casamari we live by the end of 1968.

On the large square facing the Church, the old Guest Baroque, a series of farm buildings. the Church has a face full of marble and decorated with a superb portal. Inside there are Gothic works of great value. the Great Cloister has the central part occupied by a green lawn on which stand the houses that were once inhabited by the Carthusian. the Small Cloister instead, (place most mystical of all the Certosa) has a luxurious decoration and terracotta arches with beautiful capitals. In Refectory There are frescoes of the Burgundian and always has been set up here Museo della Certosa with sculptures and paintings of the fifteenth. In Former Library Finally, thumbnails are displayed, choral and antiphonaries.

In ancient Pharmacy that is left of the entrance courtyard are on sale production of some products Monks: spirit, droplets of Chartreuse imperial, products made from honey, medicinal herbs and chocolate. There is also a permanent exhibition of medicinal herbs and. Monks are good conservators of books old and have a bookbinding workshop.

Certosa di Pavia, Viale del Monumento 4 Tel 0382. 925613

VISITING HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday 9-11,30 and 14,30-18. The Charterhouse Mondays closed.

How to reach the Certosa di Pavia:

In Car: from Milan: take the road n. 35 direction Pavia Few km. Binasco after arriving at the Certosa di Pavia. At the second traffic light, turn left.

Down the street there’ Charterhouse.

From Pavia: On the main road to Milan at the first traffic light turn right. Down the street there’ Charterhouse.

(parking before and after the Monument)

Milan-Genoa line, Charterhouse is located in the stretch Pavia-Milano (Accessible only by local trains). Leaving the station to Certosa, left, follow the wall of the monastery for 10 minutes

BY BUS: Regular buses from Pavia (Via Trieste, opposite the train station) and Milan (Viale Bligny / Famagusta) leave the main road to 5 minute walk from the monument

(walk along the avenue).