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Written by Michela | 28 February, 2011

the Lake Scaffaiolo and’ the most’ known among the mountain lakes the Tuscan – emilian, is located 1754 m. slm. and not having their source is fed by rainwater and melting snow. Its size is modest, 5 thousand square. To 200 m in length, 80 m wide and 2,5 m depth’ maximum, e, because of its location at high altitude (on its banks there are no trees) eand17; always swept by strong winds. His name seems to derive from scaffa, in the local dialect meant depression in the ground.

In the lake there are not any fish. On the eastern side of the lake rises Rifugio Duca degli Abruzzi, the most’ Ancient Refuge in the Tuscan – emilian, inaugurated 30 June 1878. Close, North West, instead, is located in a valley, a small accumulation of water, called Lake Water Gear.

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Written by Michela | 10 March, 2010

the Magdalen bridge or Devil's Bridge is a few km after Coming from Lucca Borgo a Mozzano. The vision of this bridge is spectacular, thanks to its special structure “humpbacked” and asymmetric arches, make that becomes an interesting example of medieval engineering.

The bridge was built by order of the Countess Matilda of Canossa. It was later restored by Castruccio Castracani, a famous Lord of Lucca, beginning of the fourteenth century. Il di name Ponte della Maddalena is derived from a shrine that in the sixteenth century was located on the left bank of the river. In the early twentieth century, the structure of the bridge was changed to the opening of a new arc to allow the passage of the railway line.

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Written by Michela | 9 March, 2010

Near the river at a height of Treste 740 Metro is the town of Smooth in the province of Chieti, A typical medieval village that in the twelfth century it became part of the territory of Monteodorisio.

Around the country there is the’Hermitage of San Michele Arcangelo, which protects a cave with a natural spring go where the devotees of St. Michael for a drink’ D’water that is believed to have miraculous properties.

The legend tells of a herdsman Palmoli, bringing his herd to the river for drinking water, saw a bull that disappeared only to return each day to night. Intrigued, he decided to follow him and discovered, great surprise, The animal came up to a cave hidden in the vegetation, and there he knelt in adoration of San Michele. Taken from the pastor knelt devotion performed the miracle of Archangel to pour water to quench.

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Written by Michela | 4 March, 2010

In Liguria in the province of Imperia near Arma di Taggia Triora find the country of the Witches. Indeed Triora and the Witches have a unbreakable bond. But what is the reason that historically accompanies the village until the present day? Let's take a step back in time…

in 1587 a terrible famine, the torture’ Triora and its valley killing livestock, ruining the crop and making people crazy. For this reason began to meandering mind people, that such a situation could not be more than the work of devil and witches which helped him.

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Written by Michela | 27 February, 2010

Un'enorme water mass that falls with three jumps along the 165 meters of Marble, becoming white foam and generating a huge roar: here is the striking scenery waterfall Marmore offers to those who visit.

The cascade is prodigious work of man that was able to transform a natural situation dramatically. In fact, the cascade comes from the need’ to reclaim the Rieti plain unhealthy. The author of this wonderful show is the Roman consul Manlio Curio Dentato, known for winning Pyrrhus and the Samnites. To get around this problem of stagnant water Velino who could not find a natural outlet, the console then elaborate’ the project to dig a canal of about 2 km, which acted as a drainage outlet that convey the waters of the Velino in those of Black.

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